"Used" to work great w/VT Hash Check Rated 2 out of 5 stars

When used in conjunction with a tool called VT Hash Check this addon was so useful. It would scan a new download automatically with 40+ diff. engines. I even tossed my real-time AV, it no longer being of any use. But ever since the FF 20 update it no longer works.And I shouldn't HAVE to change disable Private Browsing mode to get it to work. That is a security concession I'm not willing to make. I never needed to to get it to work before. So I just removed this addon instead and now use VTHC manually before removing the new files from Sandboxie.Please fix this thing so it can be used without making concessions which lessen your security in the process. It used to be my favorite addon. Now it's of no use to me.