Annoying medals Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I've had this since version 28 and now it's getting even more annoying. I have the gimmicky medals turned off and they still show every time I click on the icon. The drop-down/pop-up is obnoxiously big as well. I have updated to their newest version as well. Contemplating removing. The newer version places the abine marque in every password field for you email/password. By the time I've left clicked through three menus I could type my email address in by hand. Ghostery seems like a better blocker, although they don't offer a email masker. Currently, that is the only reason I keep abine's add-on.

Appreciate your reply. The fact the popup notification shows doesn't bother me. It's the updated version that changed and now shows a row of medals on it every time. I'm not a third grader that needs to see this kind of thing..just what's been blocked. Also, I'm impressed with the fact that you don't delete reviews that aren't totally in your favor like all the other add-on developers.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.2.1113.1-signed). 

Hello Dolamite. You can turn off the tracker notification popup by clicking your DNTMe icon, clicking settings, and unselecting "Show tracker notification on every page" beneath preferences. To turn off the DNTMe icon in each field, please email support at abine dot com

Couple of days Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Had it for a couple of days now. I realize it is free and appreciate that. On certain yahoo pages with video, I've noticed that they seem to take longer to load and firefox won't even respond sometimes. It occurred before, but seems a bit more profound after the install . I'm pretty sure there's other factors involved and yahoo pages always took more time. However, I don't mind all that much because it IS yahoo and maybe it's not the cause.
I do find the count annoying. Not the Immediate count on the particular page, but the count since install(the one that's on the dashboard and the one in the dropdown menu as well). I wish there was a way of turning that off. I don't want to be tracked by the very anti-tracking software that I downloaded. I still am not sure how it helps with email address privacy, if it even does. Maybe because I'm not that computer literate. I give it three stars for now and will update later.
Firefox 28, No scripts, YesScript(don't use all that much), vista home prem

I see how the email protection works now. Convenient.

I am wondering. If I visit the same page later again where a tracker has been blocked and/or placed on the blacklist, will DNTM remark that the same tracker is there, along with the any new ones? Am I correct that once universally blocked there is no need for another alert?

Update: 05/06/2014
After watching DNTM do it's thing, I've come to the conclusion that once the universal settings is put into effect it does not give notice of the particular tracker again. I could be wrong on this.
Regarding Yahoo analytic, I believe that it still is being blocked even though their homepage informs you that they've set it permanently on. Besides, if you're logged in would it even matter what kind of add on/software your using? Might be the case that the popup is there to inform the users that it is no longer a customizable feature.
I could be wrong on these subjects, but until they're addressed I change my rating to four stars.

Email masking doesn't work on everything. Ex: on If you comment as a guest, they ask for an email. When I typed my email address nothing happened. They now have my email, great.

Update: last and final thought. Well it looks like there are some trackers that aren't picked up that "the other blocker" does along with a lot of widgets. Ex: Audience Science beacon, Simplereach beacon, and Fullcircle's Scorecard beacon. However the other lists every blocker every time regardless if it's universally blocked. Also "the other" doesn't have the email feature, which still doesn't work for all web sites. I now use both and I'm sure some will argue it's not recommended.
My final review is Three stars. It's a shame because I was rooting for DNTM.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.2.1083.1-signed). 

Thanks, some responses

Hi Dolomite,
Thanks for your helpful review and update. A few comments quickly are 1. yes Yahoo! is being blocked, 2. sorry about the total count feature, most people love that - by the way the count is stored only on your PC, we do not know it and do not track it - 3. DNTM will give notice of each new and already-blocked tracker on every page. 4. when using Masked Emails and they do not work on a particular site, please let us know and we will do our best to fix it so next time it will work. Lastly, you can always create a new masked email from the dashboard and copy it into any site. (we realize this is less convenient). we hope you continue to use the product and eventually, we hope to earn 5 stars and have you as a premium customer.