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Used to be a great add-on but recently the developers are requesting for us to register.

What a bunch of crap, a "privacy" add-on that also wants your data. Is that some kind of sick joke?


This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.2.1083.1-signed). 

No requirement to register

hi Privox,
Sorry to dissapoint you. We don't require (and never will) any registration to block tracking. Registration is 100% optional.

However, to use the email masking and to protect the privacy of your phone and credit card, yeah, you gotta register. we can't actually proxy the information without having it.

Agreed it's a catch-22 but true "anonymity" is tough. Again, you're free to use without registering. But you can get more privacy at more places by using Masking.