Started connecting the dots! Rated 1 out of 5 stars

This is a follow up to my first review as I have had a bit more time to try and connect the dots. I am not liking what is becoming more clear to me. This is just MY opinion and in no way to be taken as fact of any wrong doing. I dare not to falsely accuse,

It is becoming more and more that the tracker blocker ceases to function but the e-mail pop up puts in overtime trying to get you to come aboard. WHY is that? Get back to that in a moment.

Abine has offered to anyone affected by the Target Database Breach to FREE masked credit cards. I was one of the 70 million. How would you know that though? Take my word for it? Maybe just take my CC number! When you click the link it actually takes you here with no backing out of the page. Nothing to do with Target on that page or am I not seeing it. What I do see is a POSSIBLE dam about to burst.

Confidence is gained as DNT starts off damn good as a blocker. So people may start to be inclined to get the mask me addon.I have had a few websites ban me right out because of Mask Me. It didn't mask me it "screwed" me. Then the pressure is on! DNT stops working (in my case it was because I was using FF27 and must have been the odd man out because I KNOW many others also using FF27 with no issues) You are relentlessly hounded by the stupid pop up that supposedly you can stop at anytime(ponzi like replies assuring you that it can be) Yet people still can't turn it off. So the pattern DNT kick starts leads to the possibility of Abine having ALL your e-mail AND CC info. What else is needed to be cleaned out?

As stated this is MY observation and I seriously hope its just me being overly paranoid. I do not claim that Abine has done any wrong doing. This is only my review.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.1.1038.1-signed).  This user has a previous review of this add-on.

Thanks for your follow up review

Hi Diab,

Thanks for your in-depth follow up review (and sorry for my late response). It would be great if you could email me so that I can get specifics about a few issues you mention, but here are some quick responses to your issues:

- Can you let me know specifically where the tracker blocker doesn't work? It would be great to know so that we can have our engineering team look into it ASAP. We pride ourselves on reliability from site to site.

- redirects to here: You'll see the Target logo big and red at the top! :-) We don't know if you were affected by the breach, but people that weren't generally won't be interested in this (and since ~20% of people in the US were affected, we figure there's a good bet if you show up there you were!)... :)

- When you get DNTMe, we don't want you to also download MaskMe. Email masking and other "masking" features are built into DNTMe now. Hundreds of thousands of people had both add-on's, and we kept being asked why they were 2 different products, so we made some changes and can now offer both in one. HOWEVER, if you don't want to protect your email (and other personal info), and just want to block trackers, that is perfectly fine. You can always go to the icon in the top right, click on Settings, click the check mark next to "Don't Track My Email Here", and refresh your browser to make sure you will never see them again.

A little bigger picture, we understand the fear about giving out your credit card (that's why we created Masked Cards in the first place). The point is, though, you can keep your real card in one place and use disposable cards all over the web, or you can use your real card all over the web. It's a way to vastly mitigate risk as an online shopper.

Let us know if you have any other questions, and feel free to email me directly at zrachins at abine dot com if you want to get more specific about anything. We love to hear feedback from users and use it as the primary tool to improve our product.