New version is bloated nonsense. Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Like many others, I'm also uninstalling with the "upgrade" to the latest version. This addon got way out of control with all the annoying popups and other "helpful" features. Guess what? I don't need you to block half my screen every time I enter a credit card number with a link to some Forbes articles about stolen credit cards. Also, if I click "never show again", it doesn't do anything. I looked all over settings to try and disable this nonsense and there is nothing to be found. I already have Firefox set to forget any forms I fill out, so I don't need you to be blocking anything.

It is such a shame to see addons start to bloat themselves to this nagware type activity to upgrade. I suppose everyone needs to make a buck, so hopefully it all works out for you, but you've lost me until you can get back to basics.

I appreciate the prompt reply. As for filing a complaint, I already uninstalled. That said, I'm on Win7, most current Firefox release, and most current version of the add on (all set to auto update). When I clicked "never again" it just didn't do anything. Clicking on the credit card box still brought up the popup.

As for the settings, they aren't exactly straight forward, but until now I was able to do whatever I needed to do (e.g., disable the annoying email popup--again, Firefox is set to handle this, I don't need your help).

My main complaint is that your software used to be in the background, quietly doing its thing. All of the sudden, it's giving me more popups than the advertisers I'm trying to block, and no clear way to disable. Clearly there is a problem here.

I'm a bit of a power user, so perhaps I'm not your target audience with all these features and hand holding. I wish you luck, but I've already installed another highly recommended addon to do the same as yours, and so far it appears to be working quietly in the background, just as it should.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.1.1038.1-signed). 

Balance and settings

Thanks for your feedback, while negative, it's appreciated and helpful. A few comments:
1. If you clicked "never show again" and you EVER saw another message like that, please please file a complaint with support (that'll let us investigate what browser, OS, and version you have)
2. because of your complaint, we're removing all of this until we can find the source of the bug.
3. were you able to control the other SETTINGS easily? we've tried to make the settings very clear and simple. maybe you could suggest how we can improve?
4. lastly, we are very sensitive to the maintaining a streamlined efficient build and program. we are trying to design software that makes it EASY NOT TO BE TRACKED. the email feature, as an example, should show up instantly, only when you're about to give out your personal email address, and give you a disposable email address only when you want one.
Finally, yes, we have to make money, but we believe unless you pay for the product you ARE the product. In this sense, our $5/month premium service is 100% aligned with privacy. Our free users get everything from version 2 and more... with no limits. But our premium users can keep their phones and credit cards private. Which we think is pretty cool. Again, appreciate your feedback. We realize we have bugs to fix and work to do.