The previous version was good Rated 3 out of 5 stars

This one, not so much.

For one thing, it has lost the intuitive feel of the previous versions.
For another, some of the trackers are enabled by default (especially Brightcove).
And the 'Send anonymous data' option should not be enabled by default - defeats the whole purpose of the extension; its like swapping trackers from the advertisers to Abine. Not everyone will click the Settings button.

Slightly disappointing, because I was raving about this extension to everyone in December.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.1.1038.1-signed). 

Trackers and configurations

Hi there,
Thanks for your constructive feedback. Here are a few answers / comments:
- can you be more specific about how this has lost intuitive feel? it should function the same way as previous version - better - in fact.
- trackers enabled as suggestions are because we can't block them consistently without breaking major functionality on sites. it takes 1 click to keep them blocked if you prefer.
- the send anonymous data simply gives us usage reporting, nothing more, nothing less. Do you still think we should have it only opt-in? We respect your opinion but disagree that is like swapping trackers from advertisers.
What can we do to get you back raving about DNTME? we're working very hard to try and do the right things.