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Needed? Yes, something like this anyway. But you cannot control the %^(%(^%%^% thing. EVERY time I try to log into an email account this damnned thing fills in some non-sense. That's annoying enough, but you can't stop it unless you disable the entire thing. If I've got to disable it why not just uninstall it. Seriously, find something else. This is GARBAGE!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.1.1037.1-signed). 

Dear Baba Reeves,
Are you aware that your email address is very easy to track?
The private email feature is easy to turn on and off, just click settings.
The "nonsense" that is being filled in when you click mask your email is a PRIVATE EMAIL ADDRESS, just for you. this email forwards to your real email address, which you can block anytime. It is also 100% FREE.
We're sorry you didn't like the feature, which we worked really really hard on and which was the #1 requested addition to the product.
If you'd prefer to disable the extension than the feature, well, that's your choice.