Bug on Skype.com Rated 2 out of 5 stars

This add-in seems to be more complicated since the latest update (3.1) because when i try to give a "Masked E-mail address", inscriptions on website can't be realized because the e-mail to confirm my subscription won't be send to my real Box-mail... At least I don't understand anything ...
=> Perhaps translated versions of the add-in would be greater to understand how does it work !! :)

Moreover, it expects any modification in our profile on Skype.com once that we're connected : we must disable it (start again the browser, reload Skype.com... grr) to modify ("editing") any personal information.
I originally reported the bug in the forums and moderators found it was DNTM which prevented any modification. It appears a '#' at the end of the URL, and nothing happens...

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.1.1037.1-signed). 

Hello Bozz65 -

What exactly are you finding more intrusive? Please keep in mind that all new features we've added in DNTMe 3.0/3.1 can be turned off under 'Settings'. That said, Masked Emails are a powerful new (Free!) feature that has proved popular amongst many of our users. Practically every website these days asks for your email address, but now you have a choice to give Masked Emails instead - which means less spam!

Thanks for letting us know about this issue on skype.com. We are passing it to our engineering team and will work on getting it fixed asap.

Have a happy new year!