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This used to be a good, fairly non-invasive add-on, but since they added the email feature it has become more annoying than ads. Goodbye, good riddance.

In response to the question below:
No. I didn't use the email feature. I don't want to use the feature. I'm not interested in the feature. I wanted a tracker-blocking add-on, and DoNotTrackMe was excellent at that. The constant pop-ups for the email masking feature were annoying. let me make that crystal clear, in case I haven't already:
****The pop-ups from the new email-masking feature were so annoying that I unsinstalled the add-on and left this rating/review/feedback for you.****

"Easily disabled in settings"???? I could no longer even GET to the settings without registering.

Email masking might be a useful feature. It'd probably make a nice INDEPENDENT add-on. You know, one that I could CHOOSE to add if I wanted it.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.1.1037.1-signed). 

Have you actually used a Masked Email?

Could you tell us and other users what it is that you liked or didn't like about the feature? It simply keeps your real email private or auto-fills it if you prefer. It is also 100% free. You can also easily turn it off in Settings. Thanks.

EDIT/UPDATE: Fair enough, and we totally respect that. Note that registration is NOT required to change Settings. Simply open DoNotTrackMe (toolbar icon click) and then click on 'SETTINGS' at the top. This slides in a list of Settings immediately, without requiring any registration. Registration is completely optional and is there to allow you access to your account across multiple computers, go premium, or access other more advanced options.

Regarding only wanting a Tracker Blocker: there are many ways to be tracked online besides just web trackers that get loaded in the background as you browse the web. True to the name 'DoNotTrackMe' we've now added the ability for you to not be tracked by your email, phone, and credit card number. Oftentimes these are even worse than web trackers because aside from profiling and targeting you, these other means can lead to more spam and telemarketing, and even worse, potential credit card fraud and identify theft. We want to empower our users to have the freedom of choice and privacy. Again - all these new features are completely optional and can be turned off (without registering!) under Settings.

Sorry for the long winded answer, but we are a small company that cares about our consumers and want to make it totally clear that we are on your side and not attempting to intrude upon you. Obviously our product isn't perfect and we take all feedback into consideration for ways we can improve things.

Hope that clarifies things, and have a happy new year!