F***ing useless since update. Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Since the recent update, DNT has become a pain unto itself. The pop up screen to mask email addresses, EVEN THOUGH I HAVE CHANGED SETTINGS TO NOT DO SO, is the biggest hassle I've seen from a FF add-on in a long time. I can't get rid of the problem, so I got rid of the program entirely. Good bye, DNT, and good riddance your f***ing unwanted pop-ups.

[Lacking a reply button, the following portion posted after the response from Abine] Thanks! At least by commenting on my handle, I know you care enough to respond as a person, not an autobot :)

What say you provide the link to download your previous version (DNT2) and we call it good? Among your current credit card masking promotion, I can't find it on your website :( For future updates, would you consider leaving user preference settings alone, and simply tell us about new options to choose from, like an opt-in rather than the present (albeit not working easily) opt-out of forced "defaults"? Updates would be much more user-friendly to customized settings...remember, they were customized for a reason!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.1.1030.1-signed). 

Thanks for your feedback

[UPDATE 12/18]
Hello again -
Thanks for your reply and suggestions.

A few comments:
* Just to be ultra clear, you can turn off Masked Email panels by opening DoNotTrackMe, clicking on 'Settings', and turning off 'Don't track my email'. (its important to do this Globally under Settings and now on the main view which is website/domain specific).
* We absolutely don't overwrite previous settings you've changed with new updates to the product. In this case, the Masked Email option is a brand new free feature we added to the product. We did turn it on by default with the new version because otherwise the vast majority of our users would never see it. We actually tested adding this to the product with 5% of all our users, and the overwhelming feedback was positive. We obviously can't make everyone happy, and we absolutely respect the opinion of our users, which is why we do make it easy to turn it off under Settings.
* As requested, here is a direct link to DNT2 if you'd like to remain on the older version: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/downloads/file/216518/donottrackme_online_privacy_protection-
* Part of this update also revamps our UI to be prettier and overall simpler. We'd love your feedback on this new interface if you do stick with Version 3 and if you have time to let us know what you think. User feedback is very important to us!

Dear Nunyabiznez (great handle)Sorry you didn't like DNT3 or the masked emails. Most people LOVE them. If the settings control panel didn't work for any reason, we're able to help diagnose - just email us in support. Tell us your version, etc. It's a shame that by trying to give you more free privacy that "just works easily" we ended up annoying you so much.