version 3 does NOT work [fixed] Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I updated my version 2 to 3 from Firefox's addon update. After a restart of Firefox the icon on the toolbar always show 0 blocked even on sites I know track users.

When I tried to get to the settings page of the addon it lead me to a login/signup page instead.

Tools -> Addons -> DotNotTrackMe -> Options opens the login/signup page.

Tools -> Addons -> DotNotTrackMe -> More -> Options does NOT even work as it opens nothing at all.

Terrible update, went back to version 2 at least that's working.

edit 1: this was on Firefox 19.0.2 as at least one of my must-have addon doesn't work on Firefox 20+. But this shouldn't really matter since DoNotTrackMe "Works with Firefox 3.5 and later"

edit 2:ok since I can't find any "respond" button i'm just gonna edit this review I hope the developer can see it. This is a response to the Dev reply, I know you are supposed to open settings that way but when I click on the button nothing happens. I even removed version 2 then installed version 3, then had to manually add the button to my toolbar. But it always show 0(zero) blocked on every site and when I click it nothing happens.

edit 3: newest version fixed the problem. thank you. rating changed from 1 star to 5 stars.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.1.1030.1-signed). 

We fixed the problem!

[UPDATE 12/18]
Hello again -
We apologize for this terrible bug! We discovered that older versions of Firefox had this issue after users like you reported it. We moved quickly to fix the problem, and you can install an update from: (we are still awaiting review from Mozilla for the official listing to update, but this link lets you update immediately).

Again, our apologies. We hope you enjoy the new version now that it works for you, and wish it had been a more pleasant experience. I'd also kindly ask you to reconsider your 1 star review after trying the update. We would appreciate any feedback you have.

Sorry about the problems - we can help.1. Accessing settings should be done via the add-on, just open it and click on settings. see here: Are you still seeing zero trackers displayed? Please contact us if you are.