An Absolute Necessity! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I very rarely write reviews, Do Not Track Me is a necessity for everyone - period! It's functionality should be built into Firefox, but in lieu of that Abine is providing an essential service with this Add-On; when coupled with MaskMe and a few others web users have vastly increased protection of their online activity.

I've been online for years and have used other tools to protect my privacy; the massive intrusion of a web users online activity is frickin' scary, with Do Not Track Me you can know (and prevent) how many particular violations to your privacy are occurring on each web site you visit and stop them cold!

For folks that don't really comprehend why this is a critical and absolute necessity I would suggest you check out a little pocket toy called "20 Questions." Think of something ( I thought of a sparkplug) and in 20 Questions a little handheld game told me exactly what I was thinking of - of all the parts on an automobile it knew I was thinking of a sparkplug! It's a $ 10 toy! Now just think, with the massive computing power and behavorial algorithms behind these big Privacy Rapists and Social Networks, what they can do with the incredible amount of data collected from your web browsing! Seriously, folks, protect yourself and get this Add On - if you don't think you have anything to hide you are dead wrong.

I can't say enough in support of Abine on this product and they should charge for it. Thank you Abine for helping protect our freedom!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (