Interferes with slide shows Rated 3 out of 5 stars

This was great until I noticed that it prevents slide shows on websites like and other from working. When I disable this extension, the slideshows advance as expected. Renabling the extension stops them in their tracks. FF 23.0 - Windows

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Hi catester-

Thanks for your comment. Some web features that people want, like slideshows, are tied up with tracking in a way that DNTMe can block them. We're always updating our DNTMe suggestions list so that the product blocks trackers without breaking the web, but it's on ongoing process. If you ever see something that isn't working, try turning DNTMe off on that site and it'll remember your preference for the future. Then let us know the specific site where you're having the issue, like you did here or through a bug report to support [at]


-The Abine Team