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Works well enough BUT and that's a big but. It somehow disables features on various sites. For example, the CONTACT ME option for several credit card and merchants disappeared. Really not worth the problems

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Simple fix to your issue

Hi gorgo-

We're always balancing blocking trackers against the possibility of breaking website functionality with DNTMe. Some trackers, although they're privacy-invasive, are necessary for a page to work correctly. For example, one of the main reasons people go to ESPN.com is to watch videos. But blocking certain trackers on ESPN.com can prevent videos from loading. We’ve identified those specific trackers and suggested that you allow them on ESPN.com with DNTMe's Suggestions List, but they’re still blocked everywhere else on the web.

If you're experiencing issues with specific sites, you can easily turn off DNTMe on those particular sites by clicking on the DNTMe icon in your browser, then toggling the switch at the top of the DNTMe window from ON (green) to OFF (red), then reloading the page. DNTMe will remember your preference at that site. However, it'll still block tracking on the other sites you visit. It's really helpful for us if you submit a bug report when you turn DNTMe off, telling us what specifically stopped functioning. That lets us update our Suggestions List to prevent sites from malfunctioning in the future. Our Suggestions List balances your need for privacy with your desire to use the web like you normally do to give you a great experience.

Thanks for your feedback and for trying DNTMe!

-The Abine Team