OK + Suggest feature. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

A• Working perfect in my FF 21.0 in XP.
About suggestions:
B• i feel a little bit stup** talking about this, but, i want to talk about the skin. I like dark UI, so, i will be more happy if in the options will have an option to changue the skin to a dark style. At least one. Or better, let the user changue their values.
C• I have a dark Personas at this moment and i notice that the toolbar icon doesn't look "perfect". It looks a bit pixelated and with some whiteness corners; like if it hasn't a 32 bit transparency, or like an image builded with 32 bits transparency but converted to a 24 bits transparency.
D• Also the number in the icon is so small, and i can't read it at simple sight. Maybe if you take off the square, with their number values too, and make a new 16x16 icon logo with a colorization effect to indicate the different status, (like the "Adblock Plus" icon), will be a perfect icon.
E• ANYWAY, it's ok. Thanks for your enfort (and forgive my bad english) (If you have a review in spanish, i suggest you answer it only in english, traduction tools are good for words, but not for entire paragraph, better not to mention google "traducsuck")

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Great suggestions. Thanks so much!