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After installing Do Not Track Plus my anti-spyware program had to remove 49 tracking cookies that the program had installed on my computer. At first I thought these cookies must have come from some other source. So, I uninstalled DNTP and reinstalled it. Sure enough, the 49 cookies reappeared. I ask you, how is this an improvement? I would prefer to be tracked anonymously rather than have these targeted cookies on my machine. Adding insult to injury, I do not recall them asking for my permission to track me. That's why I installed the program in the first place! Needless to say I dumped this program. I think it's a fraud.

I read the reply 24 July 2012 reply from Abine regarding these cookies and remain unconvinced that they are harmless. They say that they come from "Network Advertising Initiative" and that Abine doesn't collect any personal data, etc. Perhaps they don't, but somebody else certainly does. This is like saying we left the window open for the burglar to come in, but if they steal anything it's not our doing. Nonsense.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Disabling opt-out cookies in DNT+

Thanks for your raising your concerns on cookies. You're not the first to do so. Because many of our users are confused by opt-out cookies, we're removing them from future versions of DNT+.

To manage your opt-out cookies through DNT+ in IE, Chrome, or Firefox (Safari doesn't allow third-party cookies), simply visit any web page with ad networks (bossip.com is one site with a lot of them), click on the DNT+ icon to expand the window, click on the "ad networks" tab, and you'll see the message "advertising opt-out cookies are ON." Click "turn off" and they'll be gone.

Thanks for sharing your concerns. I hope we've clarified things for you and that you'll consider changing your review.