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We have tested DNT+ in Firefox 14.0.1. It is working fine, indicating great numbers of tracking companies.

However DNT+ has added 177 unwished cookies which cannot be deleted with Firefox as they always are immediately re-inserted. These enforced cookies comes from companies who joined the "Network Advertising Initiative" (NAI).

Is there a DNT+ option which prevent from inserting NAI opt-out cookies ?
I did not find such an option.

Well !
Firefox already protect us efficiently from third-party cookies. What is this DNT+ made for ?

Why should I consider Abine inc. as a trusted editor ?
Why should I be tracked by NAI companies ?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Explaining what opt-out cookies are

Thanks for your raising your concerns on cookies. You're not the first to do so. Because many of our users are confused by opt-out cookies, we're removing them from future versions of DNT+.

To manage your opt-out cookies through DNT+ in IE, Chrome, or Firefox (Safari doesn't allow third-party cookies), simply visit any web page with ad networks (bossip.com is one site with a lot of them), click on the DNT+ icon to expand the window, click on the "ad networks" tab, and you'll see the message "advertising opt-out cookies are ON." Click "turn off" and they'll be gone.

Here's the story on opt-out cookies:

Everyone can do their own research on what opt-out cookies are at http://www.networkadvertising.org/managing/opt_out.asp. The opt-out cookies we set are Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) cookies. They aren't ours, and we can't access or see any of your data through them. We don't collect any of your information through DNT+, a fact you can verify yourself if you monitor the requests DNT+ makes to your machine. There's only 1 request per day for updates to our tracker-blocking rules. No personal data of any kind is transferred or collected, which is also reflected in our privacy policy: http://www.abine.com/privacypolicy.php

We agree with some of the reviews that opt-out cookies are not the most effective and blocking is more effective, but opt-out cookies are simply an extra layer of protection. You can gain privacy from setting them, but you don't lose anything. The NAI states that the opt-out cookies don't collect any of your information. Think of them more like a privacy setting than a regular cookie.

Also, your statement that Firefox already protects you from third-party cookies isn't true. Private browsing mode only prevents session cookies from being set. However, it does nothing to stop ad networks, tracking companies, and social networks--all of which DNT+ blocks. And Firefox's built-in Do Not Track header doesn't block tracking either: it's merely a signal that your browser puts out to any website you visit saying that you don't want to be tracked, but 99% of websites don't actually comply with it. Nor do they have to: it's a completely voluntary standard. You can read more about it here: http://news.cnet.com/8301-31921_3-57384193-281/firms-embrace-do-not-track-for-targeted-ads-only/

Why should you trust us? Aside from the fact that we don't collect any user information, we'd be crazy or stupid or both to take advantage of anyone's personal data because we're a for-profit privacy company. We have a freemium model and make our money by clearly delivering services that users choose to pay for that increase their privacy, like our DeleteMe service: www.abine.com/deleteme.

Thanks for sharing your concerns. I hope we've clarified things for you and that you'll consider changing your review.