allowed (suggested) WHYYYY??!! Rated 4 out of 5 stars

At first I liked it but now Im seeing these 'allowed (suggested)' exemptions coming up. I dont know if they were there all along and I just didn't notice or it changed. Either way it kind of defeats the purpose,heh?
At LEAST you could have made the icon change color, give me an option to 'NEVER ALLOW' (after all that's only what you said you would do) when 'certain' sites/companies are allowed.
Please change it back, Fix it or im uninstalling and telling my friends who I recommended (and are now using it) and finding something else.
Anyone have any suggestions?

EDIT: OK I have now found the 'allow albine suggestions' checkbox and unchecked it. Ithink it should be UN-checked by default. It has not re-checked itself so far but I will be watching.(reason: because it was checked by default)
I will not be un-installing at this time but really, whats up with that?
Also theres these other 'anti tracking', 'trusted' organisations that you can add to DNT+ but when I added one of them it said that its only 'suggesting' and not blocking? Is this(ARE THEY)For-real?
These are REAL questions.
If that's the case then please inform me, I will look for your answer and AM WILLING TO CHANGE MY REVIEW IF CONVINCED.
EDIT:AFTER ANSWER: TY You have answered two of the questions,that is why some sites are allowed and why allow albine suggestions is checked by default (i think) AND IM SATISFIED WITH THOSE ANSWERS AND WILL RAISE MY RATING.
BUT: You did not address the role or reasons behind the "anti tracking" "trusted " organisations. (I am suspicious by nature and would like to know for sure that this is not a trick eg, maybe THEY are tracking me under the guise of protecting me or maybe they are pseudo organisations maybe run by tracking companiies that may exclude certain things. IM NOT SAYING THAT THEY DO, I JUST DONT SEE WHERE THEY DONT/ARE NOT.
There is also the suggestion that the icon should change color when an exception is made. (I understand that some people may be confused by this so thats probably why you did not do it, but why not make an opion for ADVANCED users who understand that.

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More on our suggested blocking list

Hi, and thanks for using DNT+ and for your detailed comments. You can still block every tracker. The only reason why we suggest allowing certain sites by default is because the website won't function without them. For example, one of the main reasons people go to is to watch videos. Blocking certain trackers causes those videos not to load, which is why we allow them. We got too many complaints from people about certain websites not working properly. It's kind of a no-win situation: either we block every tracker and people uninstall DNT+ and complain that it breaks their favorite sites, or we block most trackers but allow exceptions for sites that won't function without them, which is what we're currently doing.

Our goal with DNT+ is to give you as much privacy as possible without breaking the web experience in the process. Hopefully this makes sense, and again, you can manually choose to block them yourself.