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As far as the technical blocking measures: my tests found Ghostery to be slightly superior. I also believe that blocking adds with an add-on such as AdBlock Plus is better than simply opting out of targeted ads. I would rather block all connections to trackers rather than telling allowing them to track me but opting out of targeted ads. It is not the ads which bother me, it is the tracking.

As far as the user interface: Much work needs to be done in this area. Ghostery is much simpler to use. The list is less cluttered. The breakdown into tracker categories is nice, but ultimately results in the interface being cluttered.

Also, I found that Ghostery is much more customizable - or at least that the options are easier to access and understand.

One feature I would like to see added is the ability to not use opt-out cookies. They are not necessary when connections to tracking servers as blocked completely. Instead, these opt-out cookies only add additional entries to my cookie manager making it more difficult to find what I want.

Overall: this add-on is not bad. But I feel that the security it provides is sub-optimal compared to other add-ons. Since it is featured in the security/privacy section, I feel justified in giving a harsh review because it was one area which I feel is critical that users get right.

I would be willing to re-evaluate if upgrades are made.

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Reply to technical review points

Hi Andrew. Thanks for the review!
Here's a few responses that may or may not be helpful
1. Blocking ads with Ad block plus is different than blocking tracking for privacy (check out EasyPrivacy if you like) and many users don't want to block ads on their favorite sites, they prefer to support these sites.
2. I'm sorry you preferred other user interfaces - many people are able to completely control tracking on any site with our one panel instead of navigating nested menu's.
3. You can turn of opt-out cookies by clicking on the ad networks panel. There's a button that says "turn off". Agree with you on them being less effective.

Thanks again!