Odd Behavior Rated 3 out of 5 stars

This add-on might provide a good service, but its quirks are annoying enough to risk being uninstalled. Every time I restart Firefox (which is every day since I run the UX-branch of Nightly) it puts its ugly button back onto my toolbar, so I have to take extra steps to remove the button. Every day. I would much prefer to have an item in the Tools menu that I can click when I want to see what DNT+ has blocked. I visit the same site many times, and the blocking info is only useful on the first visit.

Also, when I tried to click the Preferences button in about:addons, it closed my addons manager (which was a pinned tab) and opened up a blank non-pinned tab. I had to reopen the add-ons manager, re-pin it, and then move it back to where it belonged among my pinned tabs. I checked every other add-on I have, and this one is the only one whose preferences are messed up that way. Why have a Preferences button in the add-on manager if it just messes up the user's browser?

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How to solve your issues

Dear Brad,
Thanks for bringing these up. In the settings / Do not track settings menu, there is an option to hide the toolbar icon. give us a shout at support at getabine if you have trouble finding this.
As far as closing your addons manager screen in Firefox, it should not do that. We will test it and please please contact us in support.
Thanks for your input!