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This DNT+ add-on, adds a boat-load of cookies, more than 100 of them and you cannot delete them; if you do, they come right back. Worse yet, you cannot separate the bogus cookies that DNT+ adds versus the real ones that you want. So when you try to delete them, it's all or nothing --- this sucks and is not what I want. Also, they don't make mention of these preloaded cookies and I thought I had a virus. What a lot of wasted time. I'm going to try Ghostery instead.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Those are good cookies: they're necessary for opting you out of online tracking

To sum up, those cookies that you're seeing? They're designed to protect your privacy. They're a special type of cookie called an opt-out cookie. If you delete them, you delete their protective qualities.

We fight trackers by both blocking them and opting you out of being tracked. They’re 2 different methods, and you can learn about them here: http://www.donottrackplus.com/whatisoptout.php

There are both good and bad cookies, and the ones that we add to your browser are the good kind. They’re called “opt-out cookies,” and they signal to advertisers that you want to opt-out of receiving target advertising (it's like the "Do Not Call" list for targeted advertising). But while regular cookies tell Web sites information about your online behavior, opt-out cookies tell advertising companies that you *don't want* to receive targeted advertising. They're the same cookies for everybody, so they can't be used to track you, and we keep them from getting deleted to ensure maximum opt-outs. You can read more about the NAI (which is the advertising industry initiative to let people opt-out here: http://www.networkadvertising.org/managing/opt_out.asp)

I hope this explanation makes sense. Given what I've described, would you consider changing your 1-star review?

-Sarah (Sarah at GetAbine dot com)