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Just a suggestion ..that a sound (beep) be added, and with the option to turn it on and/or off. :p

Re: Sounds - clarification

Hi Abine, thanks for the reply.

. . .i was thinking a sound to indicate and/or alert that there is something being blocked (but what you mentioned 'to indicate of not blocking' could and/or might be useful to some.) The reason for the suggestion was mainly because you don't see what it's doing, unless you directly look at the "Do Not Track Plus" icon on the toolbar.
. . .alternatively maybe a transparent drop-down or pop-up (in corner of the page) showing what it's blocked on the web page that one is on at that present time. ..and this transparent drop-down or pop-up would fade out after 3 - 5 seconds, or whatever amount of time the user chooses.


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Sounds - clarification

Would you want the sound to indicate there is something you're not blocking on a web site? or signal something else?