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Had this add-on for 3 days, and now it has stopped working and is telling me "Trial Period has expired, Please subscribe" Is this a ploy to start charging for this addon?

It was definitely from here.
I clicked the link to 'Subscribe' and it took me to the Abine.com website and gave me a message saying "the free trial subscription has been extended for 1 year".

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Probably not downloaded from Mozilla?

Dear Brett,
This may have occurred because there was a server down for a short time at the precise time it tried to do an update check. It's very rare but possible. Is everything working ok for you now?

Sorry you got this message - is it possible you got DNT+ from somewhere other than here at Mozilla?
DNT+ is FREE and does NOT expire. Please contact us to make sure we get your copy updated at support at abine dot com.