Rated 2 out of 5 stars

Comparing side-by-side with Ghostery. You have to turn off blocking in Ghostery because it blocks first. Then on every website Ghostery finds one or two trackers that Do Not Track Plus neither finds or blocks.

Right here, for instance, Ghostery reports Web Trends and would let me block it. Do Not Track Plus reports a clean page.

Do Not Track Plus routinely does not find trackers that the settings say are blocked.

Therefore this add-on is not ready for prime time and will leave you unprotected. Better to go with nothing than be misled. Go with Ghostery for now.

Developer, I love the way this extension is set up and I just wish it worked better. I'll continue to have it loaded and continue to compare to Ghostery to see improvements in the future.

@abine: I can't reply to the reply below so I'll edit my review. With the stated difference in companies, I'm rooting for DNT+ to continue to improve and make Ghostery a distant second best. Look forward to swapping observations with you with the aim of helping to make yours the best anti-tracker! Love it that you guys are active here in the review section and that says everything about your commitment to excellence. You may not be there yet but it's clear to see where you're going!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

DNT+ and Ghostery - some facts

As we have repeatedly said, we believe it is good that consumers have some choices to protect themselves against online tracking.
It is 100% false to state that DNT+ "leaves people unprotected".
There are many similarities and differences between these products. We need to do a better job of communicating these so users can make informed choices.
We would point out a difference in companies rather than products: Abine is a 100% consumer-focused online privacy company. We are not a company that makes our $ from advertisers.
lastly: if Ghostery is the best, how come you have never reviewed that product or other products? Seems strange.