Awesome Concept But.... Rated 3 out of 5 stars

This is an awesome add-on but I can't really give it more than three stars because it has one really big problem.

I'm a HUGE proponent of internet privacy, as in I don't believe any web company has the right to collect our data then use that data for their profitable gain. It's just wrong.

Because of that I've been opting out and using tracking blockers for a long time so knowing that a particular site had nine trackers spying on me didn't come as any surprise but a new and shiny toy was bound to get my attention. I installed it post-haste then set about my usual surfing over the next twenty-four hour period (yes, I do stop to eat and stuff, I don't QUITE live at my computer).

First off, I noticed the way this thing works is that it loads a bunch of cookies in your browser to stop tracking. Okay, for my OCPD-aspy self that meticulously cleans up non-relevant cookies that's not so great but something I can learn to live with. I mean now those cookies are doing something FOR me, not against me.

Then as I went about my stuff I realized that I wasn't seeing any ads on various websites. To my mind this is not such a good thing. I OWN information websites and I VISIT websites that are totally supported by ad revenue. If my visitors start blocking all my ads my websites aren't going to be able to support themselves and I can't afford to cover their expenses so they're going to vanish from the internet. This would make for some VERY unhappy people.

When I visit websites with ads and I see something relevant to me, I DO click those ads and at the very least check out what's being offered. Those websites are doing me a service by freely providing information and entertainment to me so goodness knows, the least I can do is use their affiliate and ad programs when applicable to help support those sites. Even when I changed to allow tracking by the ad companies the ads still didn't show up.

I totally wanted to make this new goody a permanent part of my browser but at least for the time being I can't. I'm just going to have to stick with Firefox's built-in no tracking gizmo and the rather annoying NoScript and hope for the best.

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How we handle Cookies and Ads

Dear ReginaRRC,
Thanks for the thoughtful review and the issues you raise. Let us explain and discuss a few points:
1. The way DNT+ works is it protects you against tracking in multiple ways - this, we believe, is necessary. One of them is, as you point out, to set opt-out cookies from ad networks on your computer. We'll be adding the ability to turn this on and off if it's annoying because your antivirus program or others think these cookies are bad. Also, there are some privacy issues with opting out that we'll be making more clear.
2. incidental ad-blocking. DNT+ is not designed to be an ad-blocker. we FULLY SUPPORT contextual advertising and the ability of web site owners to make money from it. Any ad-blocking we do is incidental and is a byproduct of the configuration of the ad-network and javascript they use. There are ways to advertise online without behavioral targeting and profiling. If you see a large amount of ads being blocked, let us know and we'll investigate.
Feel free to get in touch with us at anytime!