OK + Suggest feature. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Hi Guy! Fully working in my XP with FF 21.0. Very usefull.
I now you are busy with diferent proyects, but if i don't disturb let me tell you some suggestions:
• I will like to see an option to disable the animations. As you said, it bring the user a new streamline experience. And you you do it right. As a deskmoding lover, i love those features, but very often in mi slow PC, i have to disable them, cuz, or it slow down my pc a little bit more those seconds, and/or they don't show smothly.
• I happened that you could add interactive checkerboard background. When i said interactive i mean that the user can change their color and brightness. Imagine a WHITE and TRANSPARENT checkerboard, so, when the user chose "the checkerboard" button in the toolbar, appears a checkerboard between the background color and the image rendered. At this point the user can changue background that is showed in the transparent areas of the checkerboard, and a slider to changue the checkerboard opacity. So that way the user can build diferent checkerboards.
• A "disquete gliph style icon" to save the image will the great too.
• An option to make the toolbar less width. In my 1024x768 is too big. (But don't changue one size by other, just put an option)
• And when i use the default FF zoom by pressing CTRL + WHELL UP/DOWN, the toolbar size change too. It need a fix to make it static.
• Talking about zoom, i tried "ImgViewerPlus" (here in AMO). It puts a toolbar (with zoom funtionality) in the same place of your toolbar. Is there any chace to make both "compatible", or by implementing their functions in your own add-on?

Well, just ideas... it's ok as it is anyway. you know. Mmmm, nothing more.
P.D.: ah, i almost forget, i love the FF developer tools skin. Yeah, the same that you mimic in some of your add-ons. You have good taste. Why you don't implement it in your add-on that don't have it?

(Forgive my bad english, i tryied my best)