OK + Feature suggest. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Hi dude! I love this add-on. Working in my FF 21.0!

About features:

1• The floating header only works for WEB search; it doesn't show the floating header if you search IMAGES or VIDEOS. It would be complete your add-on if it support these kind of search. For this inconvenient Betterfox deserve 4 stars, but i give you 5 stars for your motivation.

2• Also i would like to see another button to "Go to bottom". I recognize that it wouldn't be useful than "Back to top", but sometimes, it would be another perfect companion.

3• I make a style in Stylish (add-on) for BetterFox (just find "betterfox" in stylish site). And really i would like to take off the title of the "Back to top" link, to just see the image. I'm newbie with CSS, and i try to learn. (i had learned how to hide some things, but, really i can't hide the text of the link. With this feature, really, i'll like if you could just post the CSS code needed to do that instead to just implement this feature in a new version of your add-on. This way i learn how to hide this kind of things. I'll really appreciate if you help me with it. Anyway, if you hide the text in that link in a new BetterFox version, really i would be happy to if you teach me how it should be performed with CSS.

(Just in case, i didn't post a link to the style cuz i know that it could be considered spam to promote the style. That's, that's not the sense of this post in any way)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (