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Search Preview (for Steam)

View screenshots for games within the Steam search page with this extension. Rather than having to go to each individual game page to see screenshots, you can now see the screenshots for every game on the search page itself.

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Added October 14, 2016

Jean-Baptiste Show Extension Live

Soyez au courant dès que le JeanBaptisteShow est en live et rejoignez Ibonek sur Twitch !

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Added October 9, 2016


Access millions of TV shows, movies, songs, games and more.

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Added October 5, 2016

BF4 Battlepack Opener

This extension adds a button to the Battlefield 4 Battlepacks page that will automatically open all unopened battlepacks.

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Added October 4, 2016

Limpa URL

Remove os protetores de link e facilita o download do arquivo desejado

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Added October 3, 2016

Spitation Extension

Viens et apprécie l'Arabeast faire son show ! Attention tu risquerais t'amuser.

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Added October 2, 2016


Deixando seu managerzone mobile.

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Added September 21, 2016

LoL Boards Rank

A simple extension for showing all the votes a player has.

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Added September 17, 2016

GrepolisToolkit, le script !

Script améliorant l'expérience utilisateur dans le jeu Grepolis.

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Added September 16, 2016

PROТанки Стрим Анонсер

-Информирование о прямых трансляциях (стримах) на Ютуб ( и Твич ( канале PROТанки;
-Информирование о выходе новых видео на Ютуб канале PROТанки;
-Быстрый переход на сайт
и многое другое!

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Added September 7, 2016

Time Squasher - EuroSportPlayer

Hides video time for EuroSport Player so you don't know the result by how long is left.

For the chrome extension:

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Added September 6, 2016

Valdzor twitch alert v1.1

Soyez au courant quand votre streameur préféré commence à streamer!

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Added August 24, 2016

Kameto Live Extension

A l'aide de cette extension, vous serez prévenu quand Kameto lance son stream à l'aide d'une notification cliquable. Vous pourrez savoir à tout moment à l'aide de l'icône si il est toujours en ligne ou non.

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Added August 24, 2016

EnchantEpic2 Requires Restart

Aide les personnages de soutien sur le jeu Epic-War. Reprise EnchantEpic de Pikrass.

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Added August 21, 2016


Bot for travian version 4.4
-Auto build
-Auto trade
-Auto hero
Other functions will be added later.

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Added August 18, 2016



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Added August 16, 2016

Fantasy Contract Info

Looks up your players' contracts and displays them when you hover over their names on the Yahoo fantasy site. For the private leagues 'A League of Our Own' and 'RHL'.

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Added August 15, 2016

Adranmelech Live!

Soyez au courant lorsque qu'Adran passe en live!

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Added August 5, 2016



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Added August 1, 2016


Map switcher for Strava website

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Added August 1, 2016