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#be browser detector Compatible with Firefox 57+

Boost your user profile with the #be browser detector.

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(You) Collector Compatible with Firefox 57+

This plugin counts the (You)s you've collected on 4chan.
You can also rank up and become the ULTIMATE MASTER TROLE!

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It is used to get shortcut to 3 mail websites(Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft).

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55PBX Webphone Compatible with Firefox 57+

Extensão de Webphone 55PBX (softphone web) para Firefox.

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9gag nsfw Compatible with Firefox 57+

Activate this plugin to view all 9gag nsfw images without logging in. You will view the nsfw posts directly on 9gag, as opposed to some plugins which just opens the image in a new tab.

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140 users

9GAG Tweaks Compatible with Firefox 57+

Removes the sidebar and the sharing buttons from 9gag. Replaces the sharing buttons with Telegram sharing.

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Accropolis notification Live

Ne ratez plus aucun live d'Accropolis ! L’icône devient verte quand la chaîne est en direct.

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Adblocker for Vkontakte & Odnoklassniki

Не знаешь как заблокировать рекламу в ВК и Одноклассниках? Установи блокировщик рекламы для социальных сетей!

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1,373 users

Add to Dropmark Compatible with Firefox 57+

A quick way to add links, images, and screenshots to your Dropmark collections.

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Ads Blocker for Facebook Compatible with Firefox 57+

Remove All Ads on Facebook! Super Lightweight, small and FAST. Unlike the other extensions, it will not slow you down.

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Advance Video Search Engine 3gp, mp4, flv, avi

Advance Video Search Engine
Search Video With Sorting Option
Watch 100 Billion Video Live, Search Video, Playlist,
videos direct download 3gp, mp4 and more..

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Advanced History Compatible with Firefox 57+

Get a better sense of browsing history

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AFEL activity monitor Compatible with Firefox 57+

This extension monitors your Web browsing activities in order to detect what you are learning online. It is part of the Analytics for Everyday Learning (AFEL) Research Project (EU Horizon 2020 grant agreement No. 687916).

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Affinity Enhancement Tool Compatible with Firefox 57+

This extension provides various enhancements for

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Agora Googlebot Compatible with Firefox 57+

Agora Googlebot, wyborcza,,

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Acede a todos os sites bloqueados em Portugal. Uma experiência de internet livre e sem qualquer tipo de bloqueios.

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4,630 users

Amazing TTV Compatible with Firefox 57+

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482 users

Amazon Share-A-Cart

Amazon Share-A-Cart allows you to share the contents of your cart with anyone else.

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Amazon Zocalo Web Clipper

Amazon Zocalo is a fully managed, secure enterprise storage and sharing service with strong administrative controls and feedback capabilities that improve user productivity.

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