OpenOffice Writer online documents

Create and edit doc and docx documents with OpenOffice Writer online

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Added January 22, 2017

Excel XLS Editor

Create and edit Excel XLS spreadsheets. Excel XLS Editor is an extension that allows to create, edit and view any Microsoft Excel document in both XLS and XLSX format. It also handles the standard Open Office format ODS.

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Added January 18, 2017

Facebook™ Disconnect (WebExtension)

Facebook™ Disconnect is an efficient firewall to disconnect third-party websites from accessing to your Facebook. This is WebExtension implementation of Facebook™ Disconnect add-on

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Added January 18, 2017

Shell Smart total points

Adds a total points of filtered transactions to transaction pages on

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Added January 13, 2017

Who is Hosting this Website?

Who is Hosting This Website is a free Add-on service for telling you- where websites are being hosted. "Who is Hosting this Website?" will also determine and display the IP address, DNS records and domain name ownership information (Whois Records).

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Added January 12, 2017

Undo|Duplicate Tab

Undo a closed Tab(s) or create a duplicate of your current Tab

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Added January 11, 2017


A basic add-on

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Added January 11, 2017

JavaScript Toggle On and Off (WebExtension)

Toggle JavaScript engine on and off the easy way

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Added January 10, 2017


Toolbar button for quick access to, Powerful and Free Productivity web-based tool for Text Manipulation & Scraping.

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Added January 9, 2017


Tailing the current URL to access Mahidol Library Adapted from

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Added January 6, 2017


Automatically redirects to Python 3 documentation when Python 2 docs page is requested

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Added January 3, 2017

TUM eAccess

TUM eAccess: Access to Electronic Media

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Added January 2, 2017

Time Blocker

A time blocking extension, for working using the time blocking method.
Has three presets: A time block for working/studying, a small and big breaks.
Additional features:
* Keyboard shortcuts.
* Sound playing/popup when timer finishes.

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Added December 25, 2016

LibreOffice Editor

Create and edit documents with LibreOffice Online.

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Added December 24, 2016 Bypasser is known for serving malicious ads. This addon bypasses the timer countdown for links.

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Added December 23, 2016

SendBeatsTo: Send Beats to Emails

SendBeatsTo: Send Beats to Emails lets you easily send beats to email addresses found on social media from your SendBeatsTo account.

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Added December 19, 2016

DN Fixer

This fixes the paywall on

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Added December 12, 2016

Night Mode Pro (revived)

Switch to night mode and the display is much easier on your eyes!

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Added December 11, 2016


Remove anti ADblocker without reload the page!

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Added December 5, 2016

Pokaż średnią w dzienniku

To rozszerzenie wymusi pokazanie średnich ocen w systemie iDziennik

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Added December 2, 2016