Yandex Music Fisher Compatible with Firefox 57+

Скачивание музыки с сервисов Яндекс.Музыка и Яндекс.Радио

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2,512 users

Extension Auto-Installer

Extension Auto-Installer is a helper for Firefox/SeaMonkey/Thunderbird extension developers: it allows automatically adding or updating browser extensions, e.g. via command line tools. This makes testing your changes easier.

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1,961 users

xStyle Compatible with Firefox 57+

Restyle the web with xStyle, a user styles manager. With xStyle you can install themes & skins for many sites and create your own.

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224 users

about:addons-memory 2016

Adds a new page that shows add-on memory usage

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9,663 users

Voz Love Compatible with Firefox 57+

Add-ons for vozforums.com

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138 users

WeeL Translate Compatible with Firefox 57+

Material Design 风格的辅助翻译扩展,可切换 Google 翻译、有道、百度三种翻译来源,支持 Windows、Linux、MacOS。

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Context Plus Compatible with Firefox 57+

Now that we have contextual identities, wouldn't it be nice to move a tab from one identity to another, or from default to a container?

I want to do that. Now I can.

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355 users


Adds an error console in the browser

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1,026 users

Saka Key Compatible with Firefox 57+

A keyboard interface to the web

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749 users

Bookmarked Speed Dial Compatible with Firefox 57+

Speed Dial integrated with your bookmarks. Based on Speed Dial (Lite) by Mark Lumnert

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677 users

Big Navigation Compatible with Firefox 57+

enlarging the navigation links on the pages

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379 users

Tabber Compatible with Firefox 57+

Save your groups of tabs so you can restore them later in a new window.
You can edit saved tabs groups by adding, deleting or changing the url for each tab.

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228 users

Momentum Compatible with Firefox 57+

Replace your new tab page with a personal dashboard featuring to-do, weather. daily inspiration, and more!

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Toggle Pin Tab (WebExtension) Compatible with Firefox 57+

Press Alt+P to toggle the pin stat of the current tab

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Tab Counter Compatible with Firefox 57+

Add a badge to the toolbar that shows the number of currently open tabs in a window or all windows.

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YtoMP3.cc - YouTube to MP3 & MP4 Compatible with Firefox 57+

Convert YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and more Videos to MP3, MP4.
This addon use 3rd party Website https://www.ytomp3.cc/ for this Service.

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1,059 users

JSONovich Compatible with Firefox 57+

Pretty-prints JSON content in the browser for easy, unobtrusive viewing.

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4,603 users