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Aypierre en stream ? No Restart

Marre de rater le début des lives d'Aypierre ? C'est terminé, grâce a ce plugin soyez les premiers au courant !

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Azninj No Restart

Dieses Addon dient zur Unterstützung eines Webdevelopers. Es macht aus allen Amazonlinks Partnerlinks, mit welchen dann der Einkaufsumsatz prozentuell an den Developer rückvergütet wird. Damit unterstützen Sie die Projekte von Reinmueller.

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Badoo Auto Like No Restart

Click in automatic mode the like button meetings on Badoo!

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badwork No Restart

Control de acceso a páginas no deseadas por el administrador. Tendrás a tus empleados controlados con la facilidad de pulsar un botón. El administrador poseerá una contraseña para tener acceso a la administración de las páginas.

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BaiduExporter No Restart

Assistant for Baidu to export download links to aria2/aria2-rpc

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BAM.bz Url Shortener No Restart

Easily short an url by right clicking at a website, a link or selected text. The shorted url is automatically copied to your clipboard and you get informed by a popup notification.

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Banbutton Addon No Restart

An addon that compares people from the FUMBBL ban list with coaches in tournaments on FUMBBL

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Bandcamp New Tab No Restart

This extension replaces the default new tab content with a new Bandcamp album.

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Barriere-Melder No Restart

Sie sind beim Surfen auf eine Barriere gestoßen?

Melden Sie Barrieren bei der Meldestelle für digitale Barrieren.

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Batch Page Loader No Restart

Opens multiple pages with continuous numbering in the URL

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Battlelog Chat Hider No Restart

Hides battlelog chats

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Bäverifiera No Restart

Bäver URL shortener
Defer protection and URL shortener

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Baybayin Character Support No Restart

Baybayin is the indigenous writing system of the Philippines that has made a resurgence to express Filipino cultural pride. This add-on enables baybayin script to be rendered on all web sites, including as Facebook, Twitter, and BaybayinBlogs.com.

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BenefieExtension No Restart

Benefie Addon

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Bengali fonts package No Restart

-Bengali script fallback fonts for Firefox (Android edition)
Addon installs Bengali font (Lohit-Bengali.ttf under SIL OFL 1.1 license) that enables proper rendering of
Bengali script on all sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.),

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Bernie PB No Restart

Updates your Bernie PB call stats as you use OpenVPB, LiveVox, or HubDialer.

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Better Better Better Facebook No Restart

Making it easier to get where you want to go.

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Better MXR No Restart

Improve page titles for MXR (mxr.mozilla.org)
Works with search/ident/source/find URLs

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Better Twitter Auto-Refresh No Restart

This add-on will automatically display new Tweets from Twitter, but only when you are scrolled all the way to the top of your timeline.

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Better500px No Restart

Enhances 500px.com with a few useful shortcuts for better navigation: link to the search for current photographer sorted by pulse, direct link to the favorites if they exist, alway show the heart on liked photos

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