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Cookie Manager

Curious-why open an addon in a new tab? Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Thanks for beginning a cookie manager for Fx 57+. I know it's brand new & takes a lot of work. Just trying to give some useful suggestions.

1) Re: Taurean75's comment: - -
yes, I think they meant as in the link you posted:
That's the way many addons provide menus, where options may require frequent changing.

2) If I understand, why have any addon open in a NEW TAB, instead of using a toolbar icon? Not a requirement for Fx 57 / webextensions? Or just the fastest way to get Cookie Manager up & running?

Most Fx 57 ready addons I use allow adding icons with drop menus to toolbar. Few require using about:addons to *change* (most) options - especially for cookies.

3) Suggestion: post a few more screenshots on MAO w/ some explanations. Probably entice more users to try it. I see Cookie Monster's dev has pulled it from AMO. Lots of users will be looking for replacement.

Keep up the good work. For ideas, I'd look at features in the more popular cookie managers - that aren't updating to webextensions.

If you want feedback of what's most important to users to implement 1st, maybe setup a support page on, as other addon devs did. One post could be a poll for wish list.

I could tell you some cookie features I've used most - for years, & read others say were important to them, but it'd make this review long(er). Maybe you don't need ideas for now. :) But, feel free to PM me.

Edited review 08/13/2017: correct typos

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.2). Search

addon works fine Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I've used the addon a long time - works fine.

@ tidrug - you mentioned posting steps how to create and use keywords, to specify using a particular search engine for searches from the address bar.

People might appreciate that in light of talk about Mozilla possibly removing the search bar & entire "search box" in future Firefox.

Cookie Monster

parsing error sitecookies.xul Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Re: a previous reviewer's comment & dev's reply - " Thanks for the Notification
by s1tony (Developer) on April 28, 2017"

I believe there's a syntax error on line 35 of sitecookies.xul. This would be easy to fix.

Whether that is the only problem, don't know.
I can modify the file, but that changes the checksum, invalidating the extension signature.

I'm not sure if methods to override extensions signing requirement (there were a couple) still work in Fx 53. At the moment, don't have time to test methods if Fx 53would install modified extensions.

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SmilieInserter Plus

Thunderbird 52.1.1_Linux started blocking SmilieInserter images Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Seems like SI+ v1.11 worked in Linux Tbird 45 & worked well in Vista;
starting in Linux Tb 52, when try to add a SI Plus image using its drop menu, Tb pops a blocked image message at the bottom of composer window.

That message has a preferences button, that would allow unblocking (apparently) only the *specific* smilie file selected. Guessing a new Tb security feature?

But, Tb 52 allows me to drag / drop an SI Plus file directly from its folder (Linux) to the compose window. That doesn't make a lot of sense, since by either method, the location of the file being added is the same.

DownThemAll! AntiContainer

Works on some? sites; few users know how to write plugins Rated 3 out of 5 stars

If the goal is to download from the few sites with included plugins in DTA-anticontainer, it may work. Except sites change their coding constantly. Plugins will need updating - as several reviews mention & support site requests.

If a site doesn't have an included plugin & DTA (by itself) or with DTA-AC still does what you need - great. If not, most users probably won't know how to write plugins that actually work. One reason - scripts & page source for different sites vary a lot.

There is a "tutorial" on writing plugins on the support page - wiki, but examples don't show what data from a site's source was used, or why - to decide what was needed for the plugin. The example plugins just sort of appear - there is some explanation. Not enough for most "technically inclined" users to write their own.

The addon needs detailed examples & step by step instructions - how to look at sites' source code (on sites, R click a page > View Page Source) and explain - based on the page's code - how to decide what's needed in a plugin.
My guess is, users with some knowledge could spend hours writing & troubleshooting one plugin.

The instructions on replacing updated plugins (that aren't yet in official releases) are insufficient for average users to follow. - Under "Pro Tips" at the page bottom.

Developing an * almost * automatic "wizard" to create plugins would be a lot of work. For typical or moderately advanced users, without step by step instructions on writing plugins based on sites' actual source code, this addon may have limited use.

Canvas Defender

No Privacy Policy for a privacy addon? Rated 2 out of 5 stars

It's strange when addons that enhance privacy don't have an official, plainly written privacy policy. For this, I'll give a 2 star. I'll update it when they post a clear policy, plainly stating:

* They do not collect or allow to be collected, data that's personally identifiable in any way; including but not limited to browser profiling data that could be used to identify users in any way.

* What types of data they collect, if any, and exactly what they do with it, how long it's retained, etc.

It's strange Mozilla doesn't seem to require addon privacy policies.

There's no Canvas Defender privacy policy link on the MAO site (should be required by Mozilla for ALL addons - esp. on MAO).

AFAIK, there's no privacy policy on the Canvas Defender support site.
I downloaded v1.0.9 - no privacy policy or statement in the .xpi file.

Without one or a poorly written one - for any software, devs can do pretty much what they want. There have been several publicized cases where addons were collecting personally identifiable info (not just Firefox addons).

Mozilla should also require privacy policies for plugins, written so average users can understand.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.0.9). 

Lightbeam for Firefox

Still in infancy_many bugs & odd behavior Rated 2 out of 5 stars

Lightbeam 1.1.0 in Windows.
As of v1.1.0, I wouldn't place complete confidence in what Lightbeam is showing.
Yeah, it's kind of neat, but if you read its bug reports, there are too many quirks.
Many buttons, scroll bars, etc., have bugs - at least in Firefox 34 (reported by many users).
I have not found any kind of user manual or "how to use Lightbeam" instructions . Without them, interpreting some of the data is questionable.

One thing I notice is, how much effect the setting for "network.http.sendRefererHeader" (in about:config) has on Lightbeam results. That setting affects whether it shows any of the sites on the graph as connected - with lines, or not. I assume the lines connecting the circle or triangle sites on the graph shows if they're actively tracking you between sites?

If I disable sending of any referrer header info (in "network.http.sendRefererHeader") by setting = 0, none of the sites shown in Lightbeam graph ever show connecting lines.
If sending of referrer headers is allowed (default in firefox), and if no other addons are blocking any tracking, etc., then Lightbeam shows lots of triangle & circle (sites) connected.

! There's a reason concerned users have blocked sending referrer headers, for a long time!

NOTE: concerning results in following paragraph(s) & addons listed, I also tested Lightbeam 1.1.0 in a * clean * profile in Fx 34. Most Lightbeam bugs & oddities persisted in the clean profile w/ no other addons & no changes in default Fx prefs.

I also don't understand the meaning of some data Lightbeam shows ( no manual or detailed wiki).
For instance, even w/ these addons fully blocking all trackers: AdBlock Plus, Ghostery, NoScript (w/ ALL scripts blocked); and all session / 3rd party cookies BLOCKED, and no referrer headers allowed, Lightbeam still shows at the TOP of List view, "You have connected with 5 Third Party Sites."

At the same time, in the actual list of sites (in list view), in the column "Sites Connected," all values are zero, for 3rd party sites & for "visited" sites. Even for visited sites w/ tabs still open, it shows a zero under "Sites Connected."

Also at the same time it says I've "connected to 5 third party sites," the graph usually doesn't show any 3rd party sites. How to interpret the several discrepancies? Who knows - can't find instructions.

With all my blocking addons & other settings, it's very unlikely that I've connected to any of the 3rd party sites that Lightbeam shows in its List view.

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Clear Cache

Add details on what is cleared & provide support in English? Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Could you add more details in the description of exactly which cache(s) it clears? "Cache" in modern browsers means more than one thing.

Instead of users installing, just to find out very basic features.
I also d/l the xpi file, unzipped & looked for readme / features file - don't see one. I thought you mentioned to a reviewer that you'd include more info "in next version" - which I though was before the current of 1.4.

Went to your support page - only in Spanish. No button / flag on the page to switch to English. Would be really helpful, so users / potential users don't have to leave questions here on the "review" site.

Sorry for the '3' rating. When I get info & do an actual review, I'll change this if possible or do another.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.4.1-signed.1-signed). 

Cookie Monster

Still working Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Used CM for a long time. Now on Fx 28. Still no problems.

madcadder wrote:

"The only issue I have is every time I run CCleaner I lose the preferences for what sites are Allowed/Denied/Session."

That's not a Cookie Monster issue. It's the CCleaner preference to clean "site preferences" for Firefox - possibly other browsers. Uncheck that for Fx, Tbird, )other browsers?).

Site preferences are the same as exceptions (regarding cookies). The same thing would happen to anyone that checked to have Fx clean preferences at shut down, under Options > Privacy.

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Textarea Cache

Comment by AMO admin on users' & / or devs' conversations in Reviews Rated 1 out of 5 stars

This is not a review. Do not attempt to adjust your monitor.

I suggest another method be provided ASAP for users to communicate w/ the dev & vice versa, separate from *reviews.* For one, if users need to ask follow up questions / give replies to devs, the review system requires users to create a new review each time.

They can't just enter follow up comments / questions. One important issue with the current Textarea Cache user - dev contact process is, creating subsequent reviews *only for back & forth dialogue* will skew the addon rating. It's also hard for other users to follow the conversations & benefit from the dialogue.

Some AMO extension devs use one continuous Mozillazine forum thread for their support "forum." It's not the best, for searching the forum for topics, but it's better than using the review area.

AMO admin points out the review system was *never intended* for conversations between users & devs or for support:

"Reviews weren't designed to be for conversation. Developers should provide *contact information* so you can discuss any issues with the add-on. Reviews should be limited to rate how the add-on works and we only provide developer replies so they can tell users where to get additional help or continue the discussion."
- jorge-villalobos AMO Administrator


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NoScript Security Suite

Good but very complicated for avg to lower-advanced users Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I've used NoScript off / on for couple yrs; full time for several recent months, where I've actively read online "help file" (really, just description of features), combed thru old NS forum posts, searched online for posts / articles relating to issues I had, posted questions on the NS forum.

If that sounds like a lot of time - it is. If you're NOT a web programmer or a *serious* (good) techie, you may need a lot of help & guidance for NS on some sites. (before saying, this is just a person w/ no clue of apps, extensions, computers... look over my background, farther down.)
Part of the reason you may need hands on help is, there's really no help file, per se. For what may be *the* most complicated Fx extension, not having a full-blown, detailed, step by step Help file is a little like driving a space ship you came across, w/o a manual. :D

I like the concept of NS. I think it's protection is important.... Yes, it works OK much of the time. BUT...for sites it doesn't (even some big, name brand ones), depending on your patience level, it may drive you to the brink. Don't believe it? Browse the forum. And it's not just users that have no clue about anything.

I think the "avg NoScript user" is anything BUT an avg *computer* user. Avg NS users are likely extremely advanced users who: 1) at times, can sort thru mounds of technical data, incl. code of the websites, looking for solution to why a site doesn't work, and 2) don't mind spending a LOT of time doing that (at certain times), to keep using NS & get the protection. Almost a labor of love & ** I sort of fall into the last group.** :)

I'm far from a coder / pro. IT person, but I regularly edit & fix things in all SORTS of apps - & not just in simple text files. I regularly find solutions to problems that even the devs of apps, extensions can't & have been at it for 15 - 20 yrs. I've an engineering background, can build / completely disassemble & repair computers (or cars & engines, or all major appliances, electronics).

But that's not enough to solve all NS issues (when they appear - & they will), because I'm not a programmer or web developer. In part, because how certain aspects of NS work (in detail) isn't documented. Sometimes if it is, there's only enough details to make you dangerous.

I will say, if you leave all java scripts enabled, NS still has other very worth while protection. Those aren't 100% "trouble free," but far less so than troubleshooting NS issues involving blocking certain scripts.

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Textarea Cache

Reply to Hemiola SUN's comment to Joebt Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Reply to Hemiola SUN's (dev) reply to Joebt:
Thanks. I think adding an option to "clear cache I close Fx" is in order. But you could poll users on it. If it's something a fair number of users want, at least sometimes, probably shouldn't make them alter about:config.

For one, avg users may not be comfortable making about:config changes; don't know how, afraid of the unknown, etc. 2) settings that "are out of sight, are out of mind." It's hard to remember changed settings that don't appear in apps' UI.

If for any extension, users are expected to modify about:config, the info for specific changes should be widely, prominently available: FAQs, User Guide, etc.

I also notice if you UNcheck option, "Keep data in the cache when I start Fx...", then ONE of the 2 sub-options under it remains checked & "active." If that main option is disabled, shouldn't its sub-options be disabled? Or do those sub-options actually remain active when "Keep data in the cache when I start Fx..." is UNchecked?

I highly suggest adding menu options under "Keep old data in the cache for": 15 min, 30 min, 1 hr. Users don't necessarily want options now available under "clear cache I close Fx." If not, then during same session - under "Keep old data in the cache for", they likely may not want / need to keep cache an entire day. One reason - it's hard to determine when the "Day" will expire at "One Day."

"Clear Cache Now" option on main menu is almost a necessity. It would improve useability tremendously.

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Textarea Cache

It Works; Explanation of new version changes? Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Been using TAC for couple months. So far, so good. No real complaints. I've had to copy text from TAC a couple times & it worked.

1) At 1st, some may miss that when the UI holding * actual * saved text is opened, there's a drop button on the header. By default, it shows the date & name of most recent site where text was saved; the drop button in that box will show all saved "text sessions" that can be selected (that part's good).

2) What I don't understand is why there's no option for time to save cached text, like:
"keep until I [b]CLOSE[/b] Firefox," or
"keep for 'X' hours".
Currently, the 1st option requires keeping stored cache after Fx closes: "Keep old data in the cache when I start Firefox Next Time,"
then... choose secondary option - either:
"then remove them 5 min later.
"then remove when I close Fx again."

2-a) I guess this is for times Fx crashes / locks up & text cache can be saved at least until it's restarted?
Drawback is, that DOES save text after you close Fx - if that's a privacy concern. Some don't want to keep the cache after they close Fx.

2-b) I suggest adding options: "Delete cache when I close Fx."
and, "Delete cache after X hours" (either several time options or enter a value).
Not everyone needs it to save cached data for a full day, either.

3) If it's going to save the cache until Fx is restarted, there should be a menu option added (right from main Addon / Navigation bar icon) - to "Clear the cache NOW." So, if something private was typed / saved, and you're closing Fx normally, you don't have to go several layers in, to clear the cache - if needs clearing immediately.

I'm aware that we don't usually ask questions / get support on the MAO site, but there's no OTHER form of contact. Except to report bugs.

4) When new version changes are made, could you add a tiny bit of explanation.
What exactly does " * Remove status icon" mean? Which "status" - the pop up status bar?

I wasn't aware of a status icon. If "display status bar icon when texts are saved..." is checked, it displays an addon bar icon. It will also allow putting an icon on navigation bar (bar usually at top, R).
You're not talking about the addon bar?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Auto-Sort Bookmarks

Seems to work_can't remove toolbar icon Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Haven't used it extensively - esp. in Fx 23. Basic sorting seems to work.

Don't use some of more advanced features - yet.

DEFINITELY need to fix so can remove the icon from addon bar. Can drag it away to the "icon stash" box, during customize, but next Fx restart, icon is back in addon bar.

Descriptions of settings in the options UI are helpful.

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Character Palette

Not enough characters; how to "Add" more Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Like others, I think it'd be better to not have this as a separate toolbar- though that can easily be turned on / off. But I don't see the point of having a full width toolbar & only showing 6 - 7 characters at once. Why all the wasted space? Maybe make it where characters can be copied from drop down list (space them out)?

It'd probably be better as an addon bar button, where the whole palette pops up.
But, if it's much easier to program like you did, OK. Don't know if either method would use less RAM, when not actively using CP.

When I open the CM toolbar (using an Fx light weight theme), the background is the same as background of my theme. That's OK - to a point. Unless using a very solid type background, many of the characters or parts of them are quite small & difficult to see.

You can set a background color for the toolbar using Stylish or a useChrome.css code, but most don't want to hassle w/ it. That may be a good reason to have the character palette pop up from the addon bar, using it's own background that contrasts w/ the characters.

On the Github help site, it says,
[quote]"To add a new palette to the applet, click on the Add button."[/quote]
Really? How do I actually DO that? What format do the "additions" need to be? Can I add whole collections? Where do you get them & what format are they?
Could I add the whole collection from Windows Character Map?

Deselect on Delete

When will 1.1b1 be final? Rated 4 out of 5 stars

How long before 1.1b1, that fixes a fairly significant bug, become final? Or status changed to final so MAO can review it?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.0).  This user has a previous review of this add-on.

Write Area

Where is assistance site? Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I haven't used Write Area - yet. Sorry, but link for support takes me to a 3 yr old blog. I'm not familiar w/ using or posting questions on that type blog (or a topic that old).

Description & screens here don't mention important feature: which code formats will Write Area handle? HTML TAGS & WHICH ones? (just "<b>" or also "<strong>," etc? BB code, HTML (standard) code.

See no mention of these options & how they're chosen. Many small forums now only allow HTML tags. On your blog in comments area, says, "You can use some HTML tags, such as <b>, <i>, <a>."

Those aren't [b]same [/b]tags as many forums support, that use HTML "tags." Those forums are now specifying tags like: <em> <strong> <cite> <code> <ul> <ol> <li> <dl> <dt> <dd> <blockquote>. Will Write Area handle both "types" HTML tags & are they under DIFFERENT code type options in WA, so it uses the right type HTML tags for a forum? Thanks.

Auto-Sort Bookmarks

Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I'm unsure what rating to give this addon. It seems to sort bookmarks, but errors from it fill the Error Console every session.In Vista x64, & ASB v1.6, notice in session after session, the error console is completely filled w/ same error from ASB.

The error referenced is from sortBookmarksClasses.js.The line mentioned in error console is "return bookmark1.title.localeCompare(bookmark2.title);"
I'm not sure what this error means, but it's not good to fill up the error console.Rarely, if ever have I ever seen errors from addons show up in the Error Console - so don't know what that's about.

Seems to be no support contact info for this addon, so I'll post it here.

Edit: reply to antoyo's question. Using Fx 18.0.1.
I've noticed, when looking for other errors (that I suspect may have occurred), since there's a limited # of error lines in the screen, & since the ASB errors SEEM to be reissued, VERY quickly, that one error fills up the Error Console screen.

Yes, I could use a clean profile & install only ASB, but I don't remember errors from simple addons (for bookmarks, no less) ever showing up in Error Console.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.6.1-signed). 

Cookie Monster

Works well, very few flaws Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Not sure if I review CM before (since can't search for ur or any authors' reviews).
Used CM ? couple yrs now. Can't think of any real problems (of any importance). Have 21 other active addons - not seen any conflicts.

Especially like option for "temporary cookies."
Odd things / limitations:
- Icon (newer) - once cookie is set, IS unusual, but no idea if supposed to be a cookie w/ sunglasses, or... - but after all this time, still doesn't relay "this is CM" to me. Could choose much better one.

- No way to choose several cookies at once to del, in "show all cookies." May just use Fx's native UI, which is OK, but must del cookies (site level) one at a time or remove all - no in between. Be nice to hold Ctrl (or Shift) & select multiple cookies.

- No way to protect specific cookies & load at each start. Like Fx, either del all cookies or none.

- No way to print exceptions. Again, using Fx's native handler.

Are very few "full featured" cookie mgr addons & for life of me, can't understand why. Fx cookie mgr is extremely basic.

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RsCcman - what does this reply mean? Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I don't use Fasterfox (yet), but to ask a question, I had to give some rating.
What in the world does your reply to this reviewer mean?

"Popups Rated 1 out of 5 stars

by Ricardo Cooper on February 11, 2012 · permalink

I was also hit with popup adds, skip this addon its now got adware
This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.9.8).

by RsCcman Production (Developer) on February 11, 2012 · permalink

does not contain adware, gf on not knowing how the plugin works, it shows advised addon's that i use also gf"

What's "gf"?
And what does, "it shows advised addon's that I use also gf," mean - in English?
Are you calling him / her your girl friend; a Gaussian Filter; garbage free?

Question about another thing you mentioned in reply to recent review. Please expand on how / what it "CHECKS" on a system &amp;amp;amp; optimizes settings, based on your SYSTEM &amp;amp;amp; the mode chosen in Fasterfox?

Of course it can change settings based on the MODE users select, but exactly what does it check on a system &amp;amp;amp; how does it make customized settings, based on WHAT IT FINDS?

*EDIT - Sept. 3, 2012* after dev's comment on Sept. 2, 2012:
OK then, thanks. Based on your explanation to me, your earlier reply to a reviewer seems to use incorrect wording:
"about the calculating, it actually does auto calculate depending on your 'mode' you have it at" -
It does NOT appear to "auto calculate." Perhaps wrong choice of wording while typing fast, but none the less,
Perhaps "auto sets" or "automatically chooses" settings are better descriptions, not "auto calculates." The latter would lead one to believe
it uses input data (or checks for data), then uses some algorithm to optimize. I suggest that you edit wording in
that comment.

Also, you DIDN'T CLARIFY what one of your comments means:
"does not contain adware, gf on not knowing how the plugin works, it shows advised addon's that i use also gf"

*IMHO*, some of your replies approach the same, negative level of dissatisfied reviewers (who may / may not
understand how to configure the addon). Some may be newbies. Negative, non instructive replies by ANY
dev don't help anyone, much less make readers more inclined to use the addon.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (