Privacy & Security


Realtime IP Check No Restart

checks your ip via the service

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Added November 28, 2015

DatingDefender No Restart

OkCupid Scam Detector (more sites planned!)

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Added November 25, 2015

Accept all Cookies No Restart

Accept all cookies from websites and remove annoying banners about cookie policy

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40 users
Added November 22, 2015

Personal Cloud Extension No Restart

Instant, secure access to all the data and passwords in your Personal Cloud

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Added November 19, 2015

Remove cookies button No Restart

Remove all the cookies just by clicking a button on a toolbar! Simple as that!

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179 users
Added November 19, 2015

¡No PASSarán No Restart

Password manager and generator addon for browser

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Added November 17, 2015

Extension Signal Spam No Restart

Alertez Signal Spam en un clic sur un spam ou phishing depuis votre mail SFR, Yahoo!, Gmail,, Outlook, Free, AOL

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Added November 17, 2015

iGuard No Restart

New iGuard plugin: helps to avoid phishing and unwanted redirections. Safe and easy to use!

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Added November 17, 2015

Remote Desktop Manager

Obtains credentials from Devolutions' Remote Desktop Manager.

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Added November 16, 2015

ABCPRO Signer No Restart

Dodatek do podpisu cyfrowego dla przeglądarki Firefox.
Współpracuje z oprogramowaniem firmy ABC PRO Sp. z o.o.

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Added November 13, 2015

Search Engine Ad Remover No Restart

Removes ads when searching using Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo!

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Added November 7, 2015

Easy Image Blocker No Restart

Block Each Imagesは画像の読込みを制御します。各画像はContestMenuで読込ませることができます。画像を読み込むURLを指定できます。
Block Each Images to control the loading of the image. Images can be load from the context menu individually. You can specify the URL to load the image in the white list.

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Added November 6, 2015

Geo-IP Widget No Restart

Check your current IP Address and Country with Geo-IP Widget. The Geo-IP Widget comes also with an inbuilt Map which Locates your current location of your Country and City that you are in.

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Added November 5, 2015

UnicornPass No Restart

Colorful password fields using SHA1 hash of your password. You will know if you typed the correct password before submitting.
Source code:

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Added November 5, 2015

Truefactor No Restart

Truefactor integration for password inputs. generates, encrypts and automatically backups your credentials.

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Added October 30, 2015

Komak Bank

Komak Bank (Only for Iranian users) fills in payment forms with your credit card info. The info will be fully encrypted if you provide a password. با یک کلیک فرم‌های پرداخت بانکی را پر می‌کند، در صورت انتخاب پسورد اطلاعات بانکی شما رمزگذاری خواهد شد

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Added October 29, 2015

Yaware.TimeTracker URL Monitor

Yaware Extension for Firefox browser

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Added October 29, 2015

Simple URL Extender No Restart

Simply extend a shortened URL to reveal the real target by right clicking it and select "Simple URL Extender". Resource friendly. Powered by

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Added October 27, 2015

ILAES No Restart

I Love AES is a simple AES de/en-cryptor for your personal message!

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Added October 26, 2015

Axel Springer Blocker (ASB) No Restart

Block dir deine Meinung!

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Added October 24, 2015