Blank New Tab No Restart

Use a blank page as your new tab page in Firefox 41+.

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2 users
Added August 28, 2015

Card Color Titles for Trello No Restart

Show the card label titles on

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1 user
Added August 26, 2015

Bookmarks Folder Images

Customize Bookmarks Folder Icons

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10 users
Added August 24, 2015

Text Contrast for Dark Themes No Restart

Fixes low-contrast text in input elements when using a dark desktop theme.

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6 users
Added August 20, 2015

Fat-Free Firefox No Restart

Disable unwanted features of Firefox like Pocket, Hello and Reader View

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15 users
Added August 19, 2015

Jolla askbot unseen posts No Restart

Highlights unseen posts on and other askbot sites

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9 users
Added August 17, 2015

ReStyler No Restart

This add-on allows you to attach some regular css-files to every site/page opening in your browser to restyle them as you wish. In any time you can easy switch from original site design to your one and back just in one click on ReStyler button.

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4 users
Added August 17, 2015

Proper Buttons Plus

Replaces the Back, Forward Stop and Reload buttons with movable buttons for the same functions. The new buttons are available from the Customize Palette.

This Add-on is based on the Proper Buttons Add-on.

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Added August 14, 2015

Developer Edition theme enabler No Restart

Enables the DevEdition theme on beta or release, and adds an entry in the Appearance's tab. Uninstalling this add-on removes the DevEdition theme from the add-on manager.

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1,056 users
Added August 14, 2015

Customize Palette Fix

Put spacers back into Customize Toolbar Palette and adds Custom Toolbars.

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Added August 13, 2015

Cambanete No Restart

Transforme todas as imagens de uma página em Rabanetes, em homenagem a nossa querida Fabiana Camba.

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3 users
Added August 12, 2015

eksi+ No Restart

Çeşitli tasarım değişiklikleriyle Ekşisözlük kullanimini kolaylaştıran, keza eski özellikleri geri getiren bir tasarım güncelleştirme kiti.

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Added August 9, 2015

Proportional NewTab No Restart

Makes new tab page contain exactly the number of rows and columns you specify. Lets you choose thumbnails contrast and whether to show the search field.

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Added August 6, 2015

Blink No Restart

An add-on that makes the new tab much more interesting. This new-tab-replacement add-on changes your new tab page into a news feed from various blogs and websites of your choice.

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3 users
Added August 5, 2015

Tab Tree No Restart

Tab Tree shows your tabs in the form of a tree structure. And also makes the user interface compact (optionally) to allow more space for the Web.

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764 users
Added August 2, 2015

ニコ豆腐 No Restart


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Added August 2, 2015

ModEurosportOnetPl No Restart

Modification of the color and font size - Zmiana koloru i wielkości czcionki -

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22 users
Added July 28, 2015

Search Engine Favicons No Restart

Show favicons next to search results when using Google, Bing or Yahoo.

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71 users
Added July 26, 2015

EmbedUpdater No Restart

Updates video embeds in third-party websites to make use of HTML5 video playback. Supports Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo.

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421 users
Added July 25, 2015

VDR-Portal Mobile No Restart

This Addon modifies the website to be more mobile friendly.

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4 users
Added July 24, 2015