Suggestion for finding the add-on Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I love your add-on and I want to suggest a way to make it more successful by being more visible in the search results by adding the keyword “highlight”.

I often cannot recall the exact name of your add-on, so I do a keyword search for add-ons on using the keyword word “highlight”. I think “highlight” because it is the key feature I use you add-on for. However, it does not come up in the search results. All I see is your weaker competitors.

So I suggest you do a little SEO or search engine optimization and add the keyword “highlight” to the add-on name or the description or wherever, so it has a better chance to come up in the search results.
This suggestion is less for my absent mindedness, but more for all the potential new users who are looking for a plug-on that can highlight words on a page.

Thanks for the great add-on and good luck in the future.

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