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Firefox would consume 2 gigabytes or more of RAM before I found this fantastic add on. Firefox would slow down to a crawl if I were on a video page and I'd watch the RAM usage climb.
RAM would be used up regardless of whether I was using HTML5 media player or Flash to watch videos. It was absolutely terrible dealing with Firefox slowing down to a snails pace.

Now, I have 4-5 tabs open and watching a youtube video. RAM usage is under 360k although I saw it go as high as 402k before it dropped to around 360k again.

Testing still going well. I watched a long video and noticed RAM climb to 500k. Ten seconds after closing the Firefox tab, RAM went back down to 360k. Before using RAMBack, I had to totally close Firefox, wait nearly a minute before RAM was released. Thank you RAMBack for making my day!