"Save As" does not reflect the edits/deletions made Rated 2 out of 5 stars

Was looking for a replacement for PrintWhatYouLike since it does not work with Firefox 18. So I tried Print Edit. I noticed that sometimes when I click on an ad and then delete it, nearly the entire article is deleted, not just the ad. But I really wanted Print Edit to save the web pages rather than print them. However when I did a "Save As" I found that the original web page was saved to a file. All of the ads and other crap I had edited out and deleted was there in the saved file, so it was just a waste of time to do the deletions.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (8.9.1-signed). 

Version 12.0 allows deleted elements to be purged when saving

With Version 12.0, when saving an edited web page to an HTML/MAFF/MHT file, it is now possible to purge unwanted elements in order to reduce the file size. There are options to select which elements to purge: deleted elements, hidden images, scripts, style sheets. The initial settings are to purge deleted elements and hidden images.

The 'Save' command can save the edited web page in several different methods:
- Firefox's save methods: 'Web Page Complete' (.htm + folder), 'Web Page HTML Only' (.htm) or 'Text Files' (.txt)
- Mozilla Archive Format (MAF) save methods: 'Web Archive MAFF' (.maff) or 'Web Archive MHTML' (.mht)
- UnMHT save methods: 'Web Archive' (.mht)

Most of these methods save the entire web page including the CSS styling applied by Print Edit. For these methods, if the saved web page is opened in a browser, it will be displayed exactly as it was when it was last edited with all the edits still applied.

However, the 'Web Page HTML Only' and 'Text Files' methods do not save the CSS styling applied by Print Edit (or any of the web page's original CSS styling). If the saved web page is opened in a browser, it will not look like the edited web page (and probably will not look like the original web page).

To use the MAF save methods, the MAF add-on must be installed. To use the UnMHT methods, both the MAF add-on and the UnMHT add-on must be installed.