Rated 5 out of 5 stars

update: (November) 11-09-11 He switched to another website: http://nc.ddns.us/MyAddons/MyAddons.htm

I have used this addon for many years. One of my favorites. I have also used the Highlighter update from http://nc.ddns.us/MyAddons/MyAddons.htm and it works good.

I just went to his page again and I see he also made that BetterPrivcy one which I'm going to test out on my test Sandboxie Firefox install.

With NettiCat's Highlighter update I can now make the switch to Firefox 4.0.1 The last addon I've been holding out on.

Since it's been so long I hope NettiCat just makes his own and calls it Highlighter Plus or Highlighter2.
So I guess it still gets a 5 since I've used it for so many years. But since it hasn't been updated for so long, really a 3, but with the alternative that works great then it's still a 5 in my book.

u11-09-11 I've made it work up to 7.0.1 changing the Max version to 8.* but this trick is not actually working for version 8.0 Final. Anyone have a solution?

I absolutely __love__ this addon.