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I added some code to allow a user to select if you have multiple accounts for one site, however I were some problems that did not know how to solve, I would send you the code for your review and if possible correct it and include in a new version.
Errors could not be resolved:
When you open the tab the first time the way I capture the url does not guarantee the url right the first time, when you do reload of the page is resolved.
Filter pressing Alt allows you to select a new user, however, fails on the first attempt where you press Alt, you have to wait another attempt to do so.

Suggestion Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Addons interesting, I like to be included functionality for multiple users should select the first time one and then do not ask until you press a key or something.
Addons interesante, me gustaría que se le incluyera funcionalidades para en caso de múltiples usuarios seleccionar la primeara vez uno y luego no pregunte hasta que que se pulse una tecla o algo por el estilo.