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Emoji Necesita reiniciarse

Add emojis to your e-mails.

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1.493 usuarios

Add-ons Manager Context Menu Necesita reiniciarse

Add more items to Add-ons Manager context menu.

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27.120 usuarios

B-Trust Tool NEW

Configures B-Trust security devices, imports B-Trust certification chain.

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Check Domain Necesita reiniciarse


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2.590 usuarios

Close Proxy Authentication Necesita reiniciarse

Provides transparent proxy authentication on your enterprise network.
Close authentication dialog if login on proxy failed.

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4.754 usuarios

Dorando keyconfig Necesita reiniciarse

A modified Dorando's tool to rebind keys in Mozilla apps. It is designed to be a drop-in replacement, and will keep your old settings. (See details for upgrade instructions.)

As of version 2016.2, Custom keys (using custom JavaScript) works again!

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3.054 usuarios

Flex Confirm Mail Necesita reiniciarse

Confirm mail address and attachments based on flexible rules.

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9.598 usuarios

confirm-mail Necesita reiniciarse


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2.727 usuarios

AutoConfiguration Hook Necesita reiniciarse

Provides ability to create E-mail accounts for specific ISP via the account creation wizard.

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5.030 usuarios

InfoLister Necesita reiniciarse

Lists installed add-ons (extensions, themes, plugins). Mozilla insists on hiding the version compatible with Firefox 48+, it's at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/infolister/versions/?page=1#version-0.10.5a2

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1.134 usuarios

Ruler Bar Necesita reiniciarse

This appends a ruler to the mail composition window.

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2.462 usuarios

Join-NG Necesita reiniciarse

Join partial messages. Somewhat similar to MS Outlook Express "combine and decode".

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2.470 usuarios

Confirm-Address Necesita reiniciarse


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51.774 usuarios

LookOut (fix version) Necesita reiniciarse

LookOut is a plugin which allows Thunderbird to interface with Microsoft's mail tools by decoding metadata and attachments encapsulated/embedded in a TNEF encoded attachment (aka winmail.dat).
Support: Thunderbird and SeaMonkey

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7.278 usuarios

ALL To CC BCC Necesita reiniciarse


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1.020 usuarios

Address bulk copy (アドレス一括コピー) Necesita reiniciarse

Thunderbird は Outlook のようにアドレス全選択からの「一括コピー」ができません。

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1.912 usuarios

Extension Auto-Installer

Extension Auto-Installer is a helper for Firefox/SeaMonkey/Thunderbird extension developers: it allows automatically adding or updating browser extensions, e.g. via command line tools. This makes testing your changes easier.

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3.595 usuarios

Check and Send Necesita reiniciarse

Comprueba el contenido y las direcciones de un mensaje antes de enviarlo.

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21.996 usuarios

YouTube 2 Player

Send YouTube video links to an external player, downloader, etc,

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1.300 usuarios

Auto Address Cleaner Necesita reiniciarse

Removes comment, display name automatically from addresses before sending mail.

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17.019 usuarios