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Do Not Track Plus

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Used to be a great add-on but recently the developers are requesting for us to register.

What a bunch of crap, a "privacy" add-on that also wants your data. Is that some kind of sick joke?


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Ghostery – Bloqueador de anuncios para privacidad

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This extension brings transparency to the countless spies that hunt the web these days.

Hopefully this will wake up the sheelpe to the ridiculousness of today's world where Hollywood studios are said to "own" ideas and information, and we the people own nothing not even our own private information that's being collected and stored illegally around the world by tyrants and unethical corporations.

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McAfee Security Scan Plus detection

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McAfee has the worst antivirus on the market now.

They are so arrogant as to not allow you to choose the action when a virus is found.

It's your PC should be your choice. Not with McAfee though. Ironically enough their software behave just like a virus would, slowing down and taking control of your computer.

Now why would I want any McAfee software on my PC?

HTTP Nowhere

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Great idea to push sites to adopt HTTPS.

In this day and age with governments and ISP's spying on us the users, HTTPS should be a minimum requirement.

But many sites still don't offer it, specially news sites or older sites.

I suggest adding a button to this extension to allow users to shoot an e-mail to any site that still doesn't have HTTPS available so as to wake the sleepy webmaster up to the new reality of the internet.

Until then a 4 star! Thanks developers!


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Bad for reading, still a lot of eye strain.

A good add-on for reading will darken the background and lighten the text in order to create high contrast.

Screen Dimmer

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Not good for reading.

If you invert the color of the background, you also need to invert the color of the text in to keep the contrast high.

Otherwise the background and text are undistinguished to the eye causing even more eye strain.