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Nombre rctgamer3
Ubicación Netherlands
Inicio https://twitter.com/rctgamer3
Usuario desde Dic. 12, 2007
Número de complementos desarrollados 3 complementos
Calificación media de sus complementos Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

Con un poco más de detalle...

I'm the developer of the "Firefox 2, the theme, reloaded" theme. I'm also an AMO Editor. I mainly review (Complete) Themes, although I sometimes review extensions as well.

You can find me on:

  • IRC: rctgamer3
  • Twitter
  • GitHub

Complementos que he creado

Firefox 2, the theme, reloaded Necesita reiniciarse

The default Firefox 2 theme. Designed by Radiant Core.
The power of the new Gecko engine with a good old Firefox 2 face. Available for Firefox 56 and lower, for now.

Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas (149)
1.213 usuarios

Akari Link Shortener Compatible con Firefox 57+

Akaza Akari will reduce the presence of your URL.
Using the https://waa.ai API to generate short links. A button is added to the menu bar and options are also added to the context menu.

Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas (13)
384 usuarios

Complete Theme Helper Necesita reiniciarse

Simple add-on helper for Complete Themes that restores functionality no longer present.
"Firefox 2, the theme, reloaded" currently supported.

Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas (1)
82 usuarios

Mis revisiones

Ojamajo DoReMi

Irrelevant Puntuado con 2 de 5 estrellas

This is not Ojamajo Doremi. I recommend you unlist this theme or rename it to whatever anime this thing is actually based on.

Evernote Web Clipper

Useful, but has performance issues Puntuado con 3 de 5 estrellas

Useful add-on for those who use Evernote regularly to clip snippets to their Evernote account. However, I've noticed that it queries the "evernoteclips" folder in your profile directory every second or so. If you have a SSD (or just don't want to reduce disk life), please keep in mind that this will eat disk cycles. A setting to control this behaviour would be preferable.
Edit: Bug here. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=902195

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (5.7.1-signed). 

Firefox 2 theme for Firefox 4+

Lacks effort Puntuado con 1 de 5 estrellas

I don't like it. It has too much Firefox 4 influences, no FF2-styled dialogs (doesn't even have FF2 throbbers!), and the toolbar icons use the wrong icons.

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (1.0.0).