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United States English Spellchecker

United States English Spellchecker for Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey by Kevin Atkinson and Geoff Kuenning.

To enable, right-click in a multi-line text box, select "Languages", then "English (United States)".

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Diccionario en español para Venezuela

Diccionario en español para Venezuela.
- Corrector Ortográfico (Spell Checker)
- Tesauro de Sinónimos (Thesaurus)
- Separación Silábica (Hyphenation)

¡Hecho en Venezuela!

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Case Changer Necesita reiniciarse

Change the case of any selected text in just one click from the context menu. Change case to lower case, Sentence case, Capitalise Each Word, UPPER CASE and tOGGLE cASE.

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Globefish Instant Translator Necesita reiniciarse

Globefish assists users in reading and writing in foreign languages. Users can translate any foreign text by simply highlighting it in the web page. Users can type in sentences in one language and see their translation in various languages.

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Vocabla - translate English words

Translate English words using double-click.

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Synonym Addon

A winning thesaurus and rhyming words plugin with convenient checkbox system. Provides a wide array of synonyms. Great for writers, songwriters, copywriters, creative writing, SEO, keyword research and a host of other purposes. Please rate and share.

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Wiktionary (en)

Search, the free-content multilingual dictionary quickly and easily - and without wasting time and bandwidth on ads.

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Armenian spell checker dictionary

Armenian spell checker dictionary

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Wiktionary (de)

Wiktionary, die freie Wiki-Wörterbuch-Suche auf Deutsch

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WebCensor - Profanity Filter

Blocks the swear words, bad, strong, foul language, swearing, cursing, etc. Make browsing safer and Internet cleaner!

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Looks up the definition of words on a Web page.

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dictCheck Necesita reiniciarse

dictCheck - Słownik (angielski, polski). Tłumaczy w sposób łatwy i przyjemny. Możesz również samemu wpisać słówko do wyszukania. Dobra zabawa i nauka. Wystarczy podwójne kliknięcie na dowolnym słówku i już! Nie zawiedziesz się, spróbuj :)

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Research Word Necesita reiniciarse

Search any word on a page via context (right click) menu or from Address Bar shortcuts from a variety of resources, including: Wikipedia, dictionaries, and media sites. Custom preferences allow you to add your own resources, labels and shortcuts.

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What does that mean?

An add-on which will let you search for meanings with a click

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Select Text and Request URL

Adds text you select in a webpage to your URL. Lets you build your own URL Requests to access many web services like word definitions and much more. See description below.

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SnappyWords Visual Dictionary

Snappy Words is a Free Interactive English Dictionary and Thesaurus that allows you to finding meaning of words and other associated words in a visually interactive display. Lookup a word and see other related words of main query, each with meaning.

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Google uk define - Google internal dictionary internal dictionary search.

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Read Japanese websites more easily with ReadPanel - click any word to see its dictionary definition instantly. Articles you read can also be saved and synced across your devices for studying anywhere.

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The Visual Dictionary

Add the project "The Visual Dictionary" to your search box with this addon.

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The WordStash add-on adds a lookup search bar to the upper right that allows you to lookup simple definitions and save them to your WordStash account.

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