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Momentum Compatible con Firefox 57+

Replace your new tab page with a personal dashboard featuring to-do, weather. daily inspiration, and more!

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Deep Thought Tabs Compatible con Firefox 57+

Instant funny, profound observations with relevant images in newly opened empty tabs.

Complete source-code available at

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Search Engine facility for Imdb - The Internet Movie Database

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Save Your Facebook Content

Save your favorite Facebook photos, statuses and wall posts... Forever and ever!

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Isha Updates

Flip through the latest posts on the Isha Blog, watch the latest Sadhguru videos, listen to Sounds of Isha music, and get daily quotes from Sadhguru, all with a simple mouseclick right from your browser.

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Instant Smart Quotes Necesita reiniciarse

Replace typewriter quotes, apostrophes, ellipses and dashes with their typographically correct counterparts as you type.

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Car Insurance Compatible con Firefox 57+

This extension helps you find the best car insurance quotes for your car by providing auto insurance reviews, quotes and news. The extension popups the latest car reviews with estimations of the average auto insurance quotes for a wide number of cars

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ad-ia islamiya

for all Muslims
أدعية اسلامية تظهر في نافذة صغيرة عشوائيا خلال تصفحك الوب

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