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Detrumpify Compatible con Firefox 57+

Removes "Trump" and other unpleasant names from your newsfeed and replaces them with more satisfying nicknames. Also can replace most Trump images with kittens, puppies, bunnies and some other options.

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Kitten Block Compatible con Firefox 57+

Replaces the angry-making Daily Mail and Daily Express websites with a soothing selection of tea and kittens from

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Spiders To Kittens (Image Replacer) Compatible con Firefox 57+

Block spider images from your daily browsing. This Add-On replaces pictures of spiders with cute kitten images.

Please note that detection is based on keywords, so it might not catch everything. But it's pretty good. :)

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Baby Animals Gallery New Tab Compatible con Firefox 57+

Cute baby animals on every new tab! Includes puppies, kittens, ducklings and more.

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