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ReminderFox Necesita reiniciarse

ReminderFox muestra y administra listas de recordatorios y tareas basadas en fechas. ReminderFox no intenta ser un calendario completo.

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Listes de Cadeaux Compatible con Firefox 57+

Créez facilement vos listes de cadeaux pour Naissance, Mariage, Noël et Anniversaire !

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Wishpig For Wishlists

Browse the web and find your perfect presents! Add them to your Wishpig wish list. Then simply share with your friends and family. Wishpig is your perfect online gift registry, Wishpig for Wishlists!

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Wish Koala Necesita reiniciarse

You stumbled upon a great gift somethere in the Internet? Add it to your wishlist with just one click. The name and link will be automatically taken from the website, but they can also be customised by you.

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Date difference and Age calculator Necesita reiniciarse

It calculates date difference and age. The calculation preciseness is upto minute.

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