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Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search / Search with images
Google, Yandex, Bing, TinEye, Baidu, Haosou and Sougou
Right click any image to perform search using new tabs.
It has the ability of being used in Instagram, Flickr and Twitter too

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Google Art Project

Art Project masterpieces from Google Cultural Institute in your Firefox's new tabs

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Addendum replaces ads on web pages with visual essays from artists. Choose image sets from curated sources, or create your own.

Learn about the visual essays at and platform at Code at

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3D! Necesita reiniciarse

Selected information & links to various 3D/CG apps, content and freebies.

Button appears in FF status bar, which is enabled by installing Adblock Plus.

No promises made as to end-user's resultant understanding of 3D/CG apps.

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deviantART Search Plugin

A little search plugin for DeviantART

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Search, the world's most vibrant handmade marketplace, right from your web browser.

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Eccellio Arts - Search Engine

Eccellio Arts is the newcomer in the Eccellio family. Eccellio Arts helps you find everything about the charming world of Arts, like Antiques, Crafts, Design, Digital Art, Performing Arts, Photography, Writing and so on. Enjoy Eccellio Arts!

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Daisy Bell Necesita reiniciarse

This extension erases the local memory of your browser character by character.
It should not be either useful or harmful.
When you are tired of erasing the internet with your browser, just disable or remove it.

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Wiitdb Search (EN)

WiiTDB Search Title (EN)

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Procure pelos posts do Caligraffiti.

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Tumbarumba Necesita reiniciarse

Tumbarumba is an artwork containing 12 original short stories. Warning: includes adult language. Visit the project site for more information. A video demonstration of the project is available at

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Germanposters Kunstsuche

Germanposters Kunstsuche

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