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Bitbucket pull request Submodule Checker Sin reiniciar

This extension checks Bitbucket pull requests and show information about updated submodules

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Agregados April 13, 2015

ffclipboard Sin reiniciar

Created to workaround ZeroClipboard's limitation of only working on mouse clicks. Once this Add-On is installed into Firefox >= 34, every page has an additional window.ffclipboard object which allow access to the Firefox Add-On SDK's clipboard.

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23 usuarios
Agregados April 11, 2015

RDP Inspector Sin reiniciar

Remote debugger protocol inspector

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59 usuarios
Agregados April 8, 2015

BzDeck Sin reiniciar

Redirect you to BzDeck when you open a bugzilla link.

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7 usuarios
Agregados April 6, 2015

Sharp Color Picker Sin reiniciar

A full featured color selector tool, to work with colors, and easily find the colors you want.

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424 usuarios
Agregados April 4, 2015

Dolphy Sin reiniciar

Provides a way to quickly insert Reaction GIFs when using Github's issues and pull-requests.

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2 usuarios
Agregados April 3, 2015

Greasy Scripts Sin reiniciar

Helps you find user scripts for your favorite sites!

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3.499 usuarios
Agregados April 1, 2015

Muditanist Sin reiniciar

The Muditanist addon lights up when you're looking at a site that welcomes contributors and new contributions.

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5 usuarios
Agregados April 1, 2015

TKIEE Screensharing Extension Sin reiniciar

Screensharing Extension for TKIEE presentation system

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11 usuarios
Agregados March 31, 2015

usi (User|Unified Script Injector) Sin reiniciar

nutze UserScripts auf deinem Firefox für Android mit usi!

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48 usuarios
Agregados March 25, 2015

Zoom for Firefox

Zoom in or out on web content using the zoom button for more comfortable reading.

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63 usuarios
Agregados March 24, 2015

ScreenCapturing Sin reiniciar

Firefox extension to enable screen capturing

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342 usuarios
Agregados March 24, 2015

Enter The Matrix Sin reiniciar

Toggle between all black background-white text, monospace font user style sheet and normal default style sheet. Useful for late night development.

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20 usuarios
Agregados March 24, 2015

Screensharing Sin reiniciar

screen sharing

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25 usuarios
Agregados March 24, 2015

magento-form-filler Sin reiniciar

Dummy form data filler for Magento

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56 usuarios
Agregados March 22, 2015

Salesforce Quick Search Sin reiniciar

By using the advanced quick find in salesforce you can get to the metadata components very quickly.

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11 usuarios
Agregados March 21, 2015

Free OmniGraffle (.graffle) Viewer Sin reiniciar

Open your OmniGraffle files for free

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51 usuarios
Agregados March 18, 2015

Screen-sharing extension for Sin reiniciar

This firefox extension is developed for It doesn't do anything except capturing content of your screen.

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19 usuarios
Agregados March 18, 2015

Yummy HTTP Server Sin reiniciar

A simple HTTP server, ready to serve!

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7 usuarios
Agregados March 11, 2015

ShowIP (private) Sin reiniciar


1. Shows the IP address of the current page in the status bar (currently only updated once the page has fully loaded).
2. Easy copy-to-clipboard functionality (click the IP icon)
3. Complete privacy (unlike the original ShowIP )

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16 usuarios
Agregados March 8, 2015