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Inbox Pause Sin reiniciar

Pause your Gmail

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MasterMedical™ Screen Sharing Sin reiniciar

Developed for It allows capture of the content of your screen.

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betterfumbblexperience Sin reiniciar

Improves the general interface on and adds lots of new features.

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Profoundstudio-Screen-sharing Sin reiniciar

This Extension share your screen

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Trailex Sin reiniciar

Trailex shows previews and trailers as you are deciding what you are going to get your binge on.

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Quote.Plus Sin reiniciar

Quote.Plus lets you select text or images on the internet and send them to Twitter with just a click!

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Sailfish Exchange Sin reiniciar

Add A Catch to your Net

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Send text to android phone 傳訊到手機 Sin reiniciar

Send message to phone by Google Cloud Message HTTP server.

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ShoreTel Connect Web Dialer

Converts web page phone numbers to dialable "links"

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748 usuarios

Screensharing Utility for Vedantu Sin reiniciar

A light wieght extension for enabling screensharing on Vedantu

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Wordsaver for Quizlet Sin reiniciar

Save locally your words using:
1.Select word / words / text
2.Use one of :
2.1.Hotkey: CTRL+SHIFT+S
2.2.Right mouse button - "Save your words"
3.You can see saved text at the top-right corner of the screen - by clicking "pig" icon.

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4 usuarios

Montage Screen Sharing Sin reiniciar

This extension allows you to share your screen with other interview participants.

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21 usuarios

GMapHere Sin reiniciar

Redirect to Google Maps with the location from 'here' maps when you press get direction from a place in facebook.

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t3callback Sin reiniciar

Right click to call a phone number.

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OHANA Extension Sin reiniciar


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NativeShot Sin reiniciar

Capture and crop screenshots of anything on any monitor

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Net Rangers Sin reiniciar

Combate discursul instigator la ura!

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Send SMS/text messages free w/o registration or any CAPTCHAs. Some limitations apply.

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Kiwi Conversations Sin reiniciar

Kiwi Conversations searches community sites to find forum comment threads about the url you're visiting.

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56 usuarios

Snic Sin reiniciar

Smart Near-Infrared Control.

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